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Michigan Legislature
Michigan Compiled Laws Complete Through PA 188 of 2022
House: Adjourned until Wednesday, August 17, 2022 1:30:00 PM
Senate: Adjourned until Wednesday, September 7, 2022 10:00:00 AM

Michigan Legislature

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Michigan Manual 2009-2010

Introduction and Preface
   Preface, Acknowledgments, Historical Note and Table of Contents
Profile of Michigan
   State Symbols
   State Flag and State Seal
   Key Facts of Michigan
Michigan History
   Chronology of Michigan History
   Conventions of Assent
   Act Admitting Michigan to the Union
   Constitutional Conventions
   Constitution Table of Contents
   State of Michigan Constitution of 1963
   Proposed Amendments to 1963 Michigan Constitution
   Constitution of the United States of America
Legislative Branch
   Profile of Michigan Legislature
   The Michigan Legislature
   Senate Members and Committees
   Senator Biographies Table of Contents
   House Members and Committees
   House of Representatives Biographies Table of Contents
   Legislative and Congressional Representation by County
   Legislative Officers and Agencies
   Territorial Legislatures, 1824-1835
   Former State Legislatures, 1835-2008
   Senate Majority Leaders, Presidents Pro Tempore and Secretaries of the Senate
   Speakers, Speakers Pro Tempore, Clerks of the House of Representatives
   Sources of Michigan Legislative Information
Executive Branch
   Introduction and Organization Chart
   Executive Branch Reorganization
   Gubernatorial Appointment Process
   Development of State Budget
   Pre-Statehood Officials
   Former Executive Branch Officials
   Constitutional Executive Officers
   State Board of Education
   Profile of State Departments
Judicial Branch
   Judicial Branch Organization
   The Supreme Court
   Justices of the Supreme Court 1836-2009
   The Court of Appeals
   Judicial Appeals Districts
   Judicial Appeals Map
   Judges of the Court of Appeals
   Michigan Trial Courts
   Judicial Circuits
   Judicial Circuits Map
   Judges of the Circuit Court
   Probate Court and Probate Court Districts
   Judges of the Probate Court
   Judicial Districts
   Judges of the District Court
   Municipal Courts
   Judicial Branch Agencies
Congressional Delegation
   Listing of Congressional Delegation
   U.S. Senators 1837-2009
   U.S. Representatives 1837-2009
   Dates of Congressional Elections 1836-2008
Institutions of Higher Education
   Financial Aid
   Directory of Michigan Institutions of Higher Education 2009
   University of Michigan Regents, 1837-2009
   Michigan State University Board of Trustees, 1861-2009
   Wayne State University Board of Governors, 1956-2009
   University Profiles
   Community Colleges
   Independent Colleges and Universities
Local Government
   Michigan's Counties
   Official 2000 Census Counts
   Indian Reservation Population
   Michigan Public School System, 1836-2009
   Michigan Intermediate School Districts
   Filing for Office
   2009-2010 Election Dates
   How an Issue Becomes a Ballot Proposal
   Votes on Initiatives and Referenda, 1964-2008
   Official Canvass of Votes - Primary Election, August 5, 2008
   Official Canvass of Votes - General Election, November 4, 2008
   Voter Registration and Election Turnout, 1948-2008
   Summary of Votes for Governor, 1835-2006
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