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Act 288 of 1939
Chapter XIIA

Section 712A.1SectionDefinitions; proceedings not as criminal proceedings; construction of chapter.
Section 712A.2SectionAuthority and jurisdiction of court.
Section 712A.2aSectionContinuing jurisdiction beyond maximum age; voluntary foster care; extended guardianship assistance; jurisdiction over juvenile committing certain violations; juvenile under jurisdiction of department of corrections; definitions.
Section 712A.2bSectionViolation of vehicle code or corresponding ordinance; procedure.
Section 712A.2cSectionCourt order authorizing apprehension of juvenile; contents of order; interference with execution of order; penalty.
Section 712A.2dSectionJuvenile to be tried as adult; designation by prosecuting attorney or court; factors; probable cause hearing; setting case for trial; proceedings as criminal proceedings; disposition or imposition of sentence; "specified juvenile violation" defined.
Section 712A.2eSectionWaiver of jurisdiction over civil infractions; agreement.
Section 712A.2fSectionJurisdiction over juvenile; placement of case on consent calendar; maintenance in nonpublic manner; conduct of consent calendar conference; issuance of written consent calendar case plan; order of disposition in case while on consent calendar; completion of consent calendar case plan; closure of case; consent calendar not in best interest of juvenile or public; use of statements; report of successful completion; record.
Section 712A.3SectionCriminal charge against person under age 17 for offense occurring before October 1, 2021 or age 18 for offense occurring on or after October 1, 2021; transfer of case to family division of circuit court.
Section 712A.3aSectionPrior order of another court affecting child's welfare; notice, filing, service, disclosure.
Section 712A.4SectionWaiver of jurisdiction when child of 14 or older accused of felony.
Section 712A.5SectionJurisdiction over juvenile after 19 years of age.
Section 712A.6SectionJurisdiction; adults.
Section 712A.6aSectionHearing; attendance by parent or guardian required; exception; failure to attend.
Section 712A.6bSectionOrder affecting nonparent adult.
Section 712A.7SectionJuvenile division of probate court; register of probate; appointment, duties, salary.
Section 712A.8SectionCounty agent; creation of office; duties; assistants.
Section 712A.9SectionProbation officers; appointment, compensation, duties; notification to social welfare office.
Section 712A.9aSectionProbation.
Section 712A.10SectionDesignation of probation officer or county agent as referee; duties of referee.
Section 712A.11SectionPreliminary inquiry; petition; effect of juvenile attaining eighteenth birthday; biometric data; amendment of petition or other court record; offer of court services.
Section 712A.12SectionExamination of child; hearing; summons.
Section 712A.13SectionService of summons.
Section 712A.13aSectionDefinitions; petition; release of juvenile; order removing abusive person from home; placement of child; foster care; conditions; duty of court to inform parties; criminal record check and central registry clearance; family-like setting; parenting time; siblings; joint placement; visitation or other contact; review and modification of orders and plans; release of information; information included with order; "abuse" defined.
Section 712A.13bSectionChange in foster care placement.
Section 712A.14SectionOfficers or county agent authorized to take child into custody; notice; jail or detention facility; release of child; preliminary hearing; order; placement of child; foster care home services.
Section 712A.14aSectionImmediate removal of child without court order; conditions; placement order pending preliminary hearing; issuance of placement order by designated judge or referee; "officer" defined.
Section 712A.14bSectionEx parte order authorizing immediate protective custody of child.
Section 712A.15SectionDetention of child pending hearing; release of child; petition; limitation on custody of child pending hearing; detention in secure facility, cell, or other secure area designed to incarcerate adults; exception.
Section 712A.16SectionDetention and care of juvenile.
Section 712A.16aSectionRepealed. 1963, Act 214, Imd. Eff. May 17, 1963.
Section 712A.17SectionHearing; informality; adjournment; transcript; jury; giving security for appearance of juvenile; appearance by prosecuting attorney; legal consultant or legal representation; admitting foster care review board member to hearing; closing hearing to members of general public; “juvenile witness” defined.
Section 712A.17aSectionHearing; record; transcription.
Section 712A.17bSectionDefinitions; proceedings to which section applicable; use of dolls or mannequins; support person; notice; videorecorded statement; shielding of witness; videorecorded deposition; special arrangements to protect welfare of witness; section additional to other protections or procedures; violation as misdemeanor; penalty.
Section 712A.17cSectionAdvising child or respondent of right to attorney; appointment of attorney; waiver; appointment of lawyer-guardian ad litem; costs; service until discharged by court; assistance to court.
Section 712A.17dSectionLawyer-guardian ad litem; powers and duties.
Section 712A.18SectionOrders of disposition; reimbursement; guidelines; restitution; condition of probation; revocation or alteration of terms and conditions; community service; biometric data; fingerprints; report to department of state police; payment of assessment; registration of juvenile provided in MCL 28.721 to 28.730; release from placement in juvenile boot camp; imposition of sentence in county jail facility; violation of personal protection order; costs; remission of payment.
Section 712A.18aSectionPlacement or commitment of ward of the court to out-of-state institutions.
Section 712A.18bSectionReimbursement order; failure to comply, contempt of court; assignment of wages.
Section 712A.18cSectionRetention of jurisdiction of child committed under MCL 712A.18(1)(e); effective date of subsection (2); annual review; release of child.
Section 712A.18dSectionJuvenile committed under MCL 712A.18(1)(e); review hearing; burden of proof; determination; notice; legal counsel; costs; commitment reports; section nonapplicable to juvenile convicted of crime under chapter.
Section 712A.18eSectionApplication for entry of order setting aside adjudication; filing; contents; hearing; submitting copy of application and fingerprints; report; serving copy of application on attorney general and prosecuting attorney; contesting application; notice to victim; definitions; hearing; affidavits; proofs; entry of order; setting aside adjudication as privilege and conditional; effect of entering order; sending copy of order to arresting agency and department of state police; nonpublic record of order and record; availability of nonpublic record; fee; exemption from disclosure; divulging, using, or publishing information as misdemeanor.
Section 712A.18fSectionReport; preparation and contents of case service plan; order of disposition; updating and revising case service plan; rules; review by child's physician in case of abuse and neglect; testimony.
Section 712A.18gSectionCommitment under MCL 712A.18(1)(e).
Section 712A.18hSectionCommitment to department of corrections prohibited; exception.
Section 712A.18iSectionDelay in sentencing.
Section 712A.18jSectionEscape by juvenile from facility or residence; notification; “escape” defined.
Section 712A.18kSectionDNA identification profiling; providing samples for chemical testing; assessment; forwarding to department of state police; definitions.
Section 712A.18lSectionEvaluation of juvenile for psychiatric or psychological treatment; court order.
Section 712A.18mSectionPayment of costs; minimum amounts; disposition; definitions.
Section 712A.18nSectionCompetency of juvenile; presumption; order to determine competency during proceeding; record.
Section 712A.18oSectionCompetency evaluation; conduct by qualified forensic mental health examiner; expert witness; additional evaluations at party's expense; conduct in least restrictive environment.
Section 712A.18pSectionProviding information relating to competency; submission of report by qualified forensic mental health examiner; extension; copies of report to be provided to certain individuals.
Section 712A.18qSectionCompetency hearing.
Section 712A.18rSectionCompetency evaluations; self-incrimination; evidence or statements inadmissible in proceeding determining responsibility; sealing reports; order to open reports; purposes; confidentiality; disclosure.
Section 712A.18sSectionCourt finding that juvenile may be restored to competency in foreseeable future; restoration order; renewal; report that substantial probability that juvenile will remain incompetent; actions of court; order to provide treatment; report from entity providing services; duties of court; record.
Section 712A.18tSectionAutomatic expungements; exceptions; notification; nonpublic record; disclosure; violation; misdemeanor; implementation.
Section 712A.19SectionTermination of cause; supplemental order of disposition; review hearing; notice of review hearing; factors to be reviewed; modification of case service plan; determination as to placement; order; determination as to review; issuance of order without hearing; agency report and other information as evidence; access; concurrent efforts to reunify child with family.
Section 712A.19aSectionPermanency planning hearing; conditions; time limitation; reunion of child and family not required; purpose; obtaining child's views regarding permanency plan; consideration of out-of-state placement; notice; statement; return of child to parent; noncompliance with case service plan; other conditions as evidence; termination of parental rights to child; exceptions; alternative placement plans; powers and appointment of guardian; information considered as evidence; revocation or termination of guardianship.
Section 712A.19bSectionTermination of parental rights to child; petition; hearing; record; findings; opinion or order; notice of hearing; suspension of parenting time; grounds for termination; "concerned person" defined.
Section 712A.19cSectionReview hearing of child's placement after termination of parental rights; appointment of guardian; applicability of section.
Section 712A.20SectionTemporary or permanent custody.
Section 712A.21SectionPetition for rehearing; affirming, modifying, or setting aside order; conduct of rehearing; order for supplemental disposition; applicability of section to criminal proceeding; “interested person” construed.
Section 712A.22SectionAnnual report.
Section 712A.23SectionUse of evidence against juvenile.
Section 712A.24SectionPlacement in institutions; summary of information; conveyance of child; progress report.
Section 712A.25SectionPayment of expenses.
Section 712A.26SectionContempt of court; punishment.
Section 712A.27SectionQuarters, equipment and supplies for use of juvenile division.
Section 712A.28SectionCase records; opening records; order in respect to payments by parent; copy; publicizing action taken against parents or adult; administration of court; reports; form; copies; definitions.
Section 712A.29SectionAllocation and application of money collected; “victim payment” defined.
Section 712A.30Section“Offense” and “victim” defined; order of restitution.
Section 712A.31SectionDetermining amount of restitution; factors in disposition report; disclosure of matters described in subsection (1); burden of demonstrating amount or type of restitution.
Section 712A.32SectionOrder to appear for identification; notice of right to attorney; appointment of attorney.
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