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Section 750.390

Act 328 of 1931

750.390 Malicious annoyance by writing.

Sec. 390.

Malicious annoyance by writing—Any person who shall knowingly send or deliver or shall make, and for the purpose of being delivered or sent, shall part with the possession of any letter, postal card or writing containing any obscene language with or without a name subscribed thereto, or signed with a fictitious name, or with any letter, mark or other designation, with the intent thereby to cause annoyance to any person, or with a view or intent to extort or gain any money or property of any description belonging to another, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

History: 1931, Act 328, Eff. Sept. 18, 1931 ;-- CL 1948, 750.390
Former Law: See section 1 of Act 162 of 1883, being How., § 9315b; CL 1897, § 11764; CL 1915, § 15575; and CL 1929, § 16814.

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