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Chapter 331 - HOSPITALS
Act 47 of 1945 ‑ HOSPITAL AUTHORITY (331.1 - 331.11)
     Section 331.1 ‑ Hospital authority; formation; issuance and purpose of bonds; enlargement of powers; “hospitals” and “community hospitals and related facilities” defined.
     Section 331.2 ‑ Hospital authority; body corporate; powers; entity unable to document compliance; validation, ratification, and confirmation of actions or proceedings.
     Section 331.3 ‑ Contents of resolution creating hospital authority; subsequent membership; release from membership; prior actions and proceedings validated.
     Section 331.4 ‑ Community hospitals; annual tax; reimbursement payments under Glenn Steil state revenue sharing act of 1971; additional annual tax for capital improvements; election.
     Section 331.5 ‑ Hospital board; appointment, qualifications, and terms of members; temporary officers; resolutions removing members at large; duties of secretary; limitation on procedure; first meeting; election of officers; executive committee; medical advisory committee; employees; voting; committees generally; employment of former members.
     Section 331.6 ‑ Hospital board; meetings; conducting business at public meeting; notice of meeting; waiver of notice; quorum; record of meeting; availability of record and other writings to public; system of accounts; audit; treasurer's bond; bylaws, rules, and policies; violations; determination of no material assets; resolution.
     Section 331.7 ‑ Balanced budget; preparation; contents; notice of public hearing; adoption of budget; determining respective shares of cities, townships, and villages; assessed valuations; tax levy; certification of amounts to be raised; tax limitation; payment and liability for amounts certified; reports.
     Section 331.8 ‑ Bonds; issuance; purpose; liability; payment; sale; interest rate; bonds subject to revised municipal finance act.
     Section 331.8a ‑ Borrowing money and issuing notes; purpose; resolution; maturity; validation of notes previously issued; bonds and notes subject to agency financing reporting act.
     Section 331.8b ‑ Hospital board; bonds for capital improvements in anticipation of collection of additional tax levy; levy for payment of bonds and interest.
     Section 331.8c ‑ Bonds; authorization; ordinance; referendum petition and election; notice; resolution.
     Section 331.8d ‑ Bonds; contents of authorizing resolution; serial; installments; form; execution; payment of principal and interest; registration.
     Section 331.8e ‑ Bonds; creation of lien in authorizing resolution; nature and effect of lien; default; receiver.
     Section 331.8f ‑ Bonds; public sale; notice; publication; private sale.
     Section 331.8g ‑ Bonds as negotiable instruments.
     Section 331.8h ‑ Bonds; deposit or investment of sale proceeds; use of moneys received from sale; cancellation of bonds acquired by purchase; payment of capitalized interest.
     Section 331.8i ‑ Free service by hospital prohibited; rates for services.
     Section 331.8j ‑ Additional bonds.
     Section 331.8k ‑ Bonds; authorizing reduction to fix beginning and ending dates of operating year.
     Section 331.8m ‑ Funds to which hospital revenues pledged in authorizing resolution.
     Section 331.8n ‑ Disposition of moneys in funds established by authorizing resolution and of moneys in bond and interest redemption fund.
     Section 331.8p ‑ Redemption of bonds.
     Section 331.8q ‑ Repealed. 2002, Act 435, Imd. Eff. June 10, 2002.
     Section 331.8r ‑ Books of record and accounts; availability of certain writings to public; statement; misdemeanor; proceedings to compel compliance; annual audit report.
     Section 331.8s ‑ Authority and rights of hospital authority; prior actions and proceedings validated.
     Section 331.8t ‑ Certificate of need.
     Section 331.9 ‑ Powers of hospital board as to property; sale, lease, or other transfer of hospital to nonprofit corporation; sale, lease, or other transfer of real property to county.
     Section 331.10 ‑ Violation of MCL 168.1 to 168.992 applicable to petitions; penalties.
     Section 331.11 ‑ Declaration of necessity.
Act 38 of 1969 ‑ HOSPITAL FINANCE AUTHORITY ACT (331.31 - 331.84)
     38‑1969‑1 ‑ CHAPTER 1 (331.31...331.33)
          Section 331.31 ‑ Hospital finance authority act; short title.
          Section 331.32 ‑ Legislative declaration.
          Section 331.33 ‑ Definitions.
     38‑1969‑2 ‑ CHAPTER 2 (331.41...331.46)
          Section 331.41 ‑ State hospital finance authority; creation; public body corporate and politic; appointment and terms of members; vacancies; deputies; quorum; action by authority; expenses; authority within department of treasury; independent exercise of powers, duties, and functions; conducting business at public meeting; notice.
          Section 331.42 ‑ Powers of state authority.
          Section 331.43 ‑ Hospital loan from state authority; purpose; requirements; security; appointment of receiver; limitation on loan; repayment; interest.
          Section 331.44 ‑ Bonds and notes; renewal notes; refunding bonds; notes or bonds as general obligations of authority; contents of resolution authorizing notes or bonds; authority of member, officer, or other employee.
          Section 331.45 ‑ Repealed. 1992, Act 302, Imd. Eff. Dec. 21, 1992.
          Section 331.46 ‑ State authority; state treasurer, agent; deposits, payments, security; agreements; system of accounts.
     38‑1969‑3 ‑ CHAPTER 3 (331.51...331.63)
          Section 331.51 ‑ Incorporation of local hospital authority; purposes.
          Section 331.52 ‑ Local authority; articles of incorporation, adoption, certificate form.
          Section 331.53 ‑ Local authority; articles, contents.
          Section 331.54 ‑ Local authority; articles, execution, filing, publication; validity of incorporation.
          Section 331.55 ‑ Local authority; articles, amendment.
          Section 331.56 ‑ Local authority as public body corporate; enumeration of powers; general powers not limited; conducting business at public meeting; notice.
          Section 331.57 ‑ Powers of local authority.
          Section 331.57a ‑ Hospital loan from local authority; purpose; requirements; security; appointment of receiver; limitation on loan; repayment; interest.
          Section 331.58 ‑ Power of local authority to borrow money and issue negotiable bonds; purpose; payment of principal and interest; bond or coupon not general obligation or debt.
          Section 331.59 ‑ Contents of resolution authorizing bonds.
          Section 331.60 ‑ Additional provisions of resolution authorizing bonds.
          Section 331.61 ‑ Local authority; bonds, enforcement of payment, validity, publication.
          Section 331.62 ‑ Issuance of new bonds.
          Section 331.63 ‑ Local authority; conveyance of hospital facilities.
     38‑1969‑4 ‑ CHAPTER 4 (331.71...331.84)
          Section 331.71 ‑ Applicability of chapter.
          Section 331.72 ‑ Bonds and notes; authorization; type; payment; interest; denominations; form; registration privileges; execution; redemption; sale; revised municipal finance act inapplicable; bonds and notes subject to agency financing reporting act.
          Section 331.72a ‑ Bond reserve fund; creation; payment into fund; funding; discretion of authority; uses.
          Section 331.73 ‑ Pledges and liens; validity; recording.
          Section 331.73a ‑ Refunding bonds; issuance; purposes.
          Section 331.73b ‑ Refunding bonds; resolution; plan of refunding; determination; designation of bonds.
          Section 331.73c ‑ Refunding bonds issued by state authority; payment of principal, interest, and redemption premiums; sources; loan agreement.
          Section 331.73d ‑ Refunding bonds; nonliability of state; statement.
          Section 331.73e ‑ Refunding bonds issued by local authority; payment of principal, interest, and redemption premiums; sources; loan agreement; bond, coupon, or indebtedness not general obligation or debt.
          Section 331.73f ‑ Use of proceeds of refunding bonds and of earnings or profits on proceeds; resolution.
          Section 331.73g ‑ State treasurer or financial institution as trustee for proceeds of refunding bonds, other funds, and investment earnings and profits; purposes; trust agreement; investment of proceeds; defeasance.
          Section 331.74 ‑ Authority members; persons executing notes or bonds; personal liability.
          Section 331.75 ‑ Bond or note holders; vested rights, impairment.
          Section 331.76 ‑ Repealed. 2002, Act 436, Imd. Eff. June 10, 2002.
          Section 331.77 ‑ Certificate of need required; exception.
          Section 331.77a ‑ Bonds to refinance indebtedness or refund obligations as to facilities located outside state; determination.
          Section 331.77b ‑ Resolution authorizing issuance of bonds or notes; determination and consideration of conditions.
          Section 331.78 ‑ Bonds or notes; negotiability.
          Section 331.79 ‑ Bonds and notes; legal investments.
          Section 331.80 ‑ Tax exemption.
          Section 331.81 ‑ Bonds and notes; tax exemption, exception.
          Section 331.82 ‑ Nondiscrimination provision.
          Section 331.83 ‑ Construction of act as to powers conferred; purpose and intention.
          Section 331.84 ‑ Declaration of necessity; liberal construction.
Act 139 of 1909 ‑ HOSPITALS AND SANATORIA (331.101 - 331.105)
     Section 331.101 ‑ County taxation in aid of hospitals; power of supervisors.
     Section 331.102 ‑ County taxation; apportionment, collection, limit.
     Section 331.103 ‑ County taxation; payment to institution, expenditures.
     Section 331.104 ‑ Sanatorium trustees; annual report to county supervisors, contents.
     Section 331.105 ‑ Sanatorium; placement on approved list; report; certificate; state aid.
Act 350 of 1913 ‑ PUBLIC HOSPITALS (331.151 - 331.169)
     Section 331.151 ‑ County public hospital; contagious diseases; establishment, referendum.
     Section 331.151a ‑ Repealed. 1960, Act 43, Imd. Eff. Apr. 19, 1960.
     Section 331.152 ‑ Referendum; election procedure, ballots.
     Section 331.153 ‑ Board of trustees; appointment; number of trustees; qualifications; terms.
     Section 331.154 ‑ Board of trustees; oath; organization; officers; compensation; powers and duties; money; legal advisor; meetings; record; quorum; pecuniary interest; board as body corporate; suits.
     Section 331.154a ‑ Board of trustees; employee retirement or pension plan.
     Section 331.155 ‑ Repealed. 1971, Act 167, Imd. Eff. Nov. 30, 1971.
     Section 331.156 ‑ Board of trustees; bond issuance, referendum.
     Section 331.158 ‑ State board of health; approval of building plans; bids, advertisement.
     Section 331.159 ‑ Annual appropriation.
     Section 331.160 ‑ County hospital; admission, payment of compensation, regulations, nonresidents.
     Section 331.161 ‑ Board of trustees; hospital operation rules, records, denial of privileges to physicians.
     Section 331.162 ‑ Board of trustees; acceptance of donations.
     Section 331.163 ‑ County hospitals; physician's right to treat patients, right to employ physicians or nurse.
     Section 331.164 ‑ Nurses' training school; establishment.
     Section 331.164a ‑ Nursing home facilities; establishment.
     Section 331.165 ‑ Insanity; examination room.
     Section 331.166 ‑ Tubercular patients; accommodations, rules, head nurse.
     Section 331.167 ‑ Charity patients; determination; compensation for care.
     Section 331.168 ‑ Indigent tubercular patients; contracts for care.
     Section 331.169 ‑ Dependent children; accommodations and care.
Act 109 of 1945 ‑ HOSPITALS AND SANATORIA (331.201 - 331.213)
     Section 331.201 ‑ Hospitals; definition.
     Section 331.202 ‑ County hospitals for contagious diseases, indigent and mentally ill; board of supervisors, construction, appropriation.
     Section 331.203 ‑ County levy, hospitals; tax limitation, special fund.
     Section 331.204 ‑ Board of trustees; appointment, terms, oath; cooperation with state health commissioner; management and control vested in board.
     Section 331.205 ‑ Board of supervisors; advertising for bids and letting of contract.
     Section 331.206 ‑ Board of trustees; medical staff, employment, rules, qualification standards.
     Section 331.207 ‑ Contagious or infectious disease patients; admission upon certificate of county health officer; admission of indigents or others; regulations.
     Section 331.208 ‑ Board of trustees; compensation and expenses; claims, claims submitted to board; vacancies; body corporate.
     Section 331.209 ‑ Gifts, devises, bequests and donations.
     Section 331.210 ‑ Board of trustees; report to supervisors; estimate of necessary funds; appropriations; referendum.
     Section 331.211 ‑ Construction of act as to tuberculosis patient care.
     Section 331.212 ‑ Transfer of hospital control to board of trustees.
     Section 331.212a ‑ County general hospital; establishment and operation by board of supervisors, purpose, site, appropriation, control; out-patient facilities; claims against board, estimate of funds.
     Section 331.213 ‑ Repeal.
Act 236 of 1943 ‑ UNIVERSITY COUNTY HOSPITAL ACT (331.251 - 331.255)
     Section 331.251 ‑ University county hospital; board of supervisors, powers; size and service limitation.
     Section 331.252 ‑ Board of trustees; appointment, members, terms.
     Section 331.253 ‑ Governing body of school district; appropriation.
     Section 331.254 ‑ Board of trustees; land holding powers.
     Section 331.255 ‑ University county hospital act; short title.
Act 1 of 1912 (1st Ex. Sess.) ‑ DETENTION HOSPITALS (331.301 - 331.305)
     Section 331.301 ‑ City detention hospital; borrowing power of city, limitations.
     Section 331.302 ‑ Bond issue; payment of principal and interest; referendum.
     Section 331.303 ‑ Bond issue; tax levy for payment.
     Section 331.304 ‑ Construction of act as to city charter provisions.
     Section 331.305 ‑ Declaration of necessity.
Act 263 of 1913 ‑ Repealed-MATERNITY OR LYING-IN HOSPITALS (331.401 - 331.407)
Act 17 of 1968 ‑ Repealed-LICENSING OF HOSPITALS (331.411 - 331.430)
Act 256 of 1972 ‑ Repealed-HEALTH FACILITIES (331.451 - 331.462)
Act 274 of 1974 ‑ Repealed-FREESTANDING SURGICAL OUTPATIENT FACILITIES (331.471 - 331.493)
Act 299 of 1947 ‑ MICHIGAN HOSPITAL SURVEY AND CONSTRUCTION ACT (331.501 - 331.516)
     299‑1947‑A ‑ PART A GENERAL (331.501... 331.507)
          Section 331.501 ‑ Michigan hospital survey and construction act; short title.
          Section 331.502 ‑ Michigan hospital survey and construction act; definitions.
          Section 331.503 ‑ Office of hospital survey and construction; establishment; director, appointment, salary; purposes.
          Section 331.504 ‑ Office of hospital survey and construction; authority of director.
          Section 331.505 ‑ Office of hospital survey and construction; application for federal funds, deposit, expenditure, repayment of unexpended funds; gifts, grants.
          Section 331.506, 331.507 ‑ Repealed. 1980, Act 180, Imd. Eff. July 2, 1980.
     299‑1947‑B ‑ PART B SURVEY AND PLANNING (331.508...331.509)
          Section 331.508 ‑ Inventory and survey of hospitals; construction program.
          Section 331.509 ‑ Hospital construction program; adequate facilities.
     299‑1947‑C ‑ PART C HOSPITAL CONSTRUCTION PROGRAM (331.510...331.516)
          Section 331.510 ‑ Hospital construction program; state plan, contents, submission to surgeon general, hearing, approval, publication, review, modification.
          Section 331.511 ‑ Hospital construction program; minimum standards for maintenance and operation of hospitals receiving federal aid; medical personnel.
          Section 331.511a ‑ Minimum standards violation; penalty.
          Section 331.512 ‑ Construction projects; relative needs, federal regulations, priority.
          Section 331.513 ‑ Construction projects; application, submittance to director, conformity with federal or state requirements.
          Section 331.514 ‑ Construction projects; hearing on application, approval, recommending and forwarding to surgeon general.
          Section 331.515 ‑ Construction projects; inspection, certification, federal installment payments.
          Section 331.516 ‑ State budget director; authorization to receive federal funds; hospital construction planning fund, deposit, disbursement.
     Section 331.531 ‑ Providing information or data to review entity regarding physical condition, psychological condition, health care of person, or qualifications of provider; "review entity" defined; liability; disciplinary actions to be reported to department of community health.
     Section 331.532 ‑ Release or publication of proceedings, reports, findings, and conclusions of review entity; purposes; release of department of corrections' records regarding prisoners to legislative corrections ombudsman.
     Section 331.533 ‑ Confidentiality.
     Section 331.534 ‑ Creation of nonpunitive, confidential reporting system by qualified hospital patient safety organization; public report; definitions.
Act 176 of 1973 ‑ Repealed-ABORTION (331.551 - 331.556)
Act 154 of 1949 ‑ MEDICAL CENTER COMMISSION (331.601 - 331.609)
     Section 331.601 ‑ Medical center commission; declaration of necessity.
     Section 331.602 ‑ Medical commission; definitions.
     Section 331.603 ‑ Medical commission; creation.
     Section 331.604 ‑ Medical commission; district boundaries, development plan.
     Section 331.605 ‑ Medical commission; membership, term, appointment, vacancies.
     Section 331.606 ‑ Conducting business at public meeting; notice; frequency of meetings; rules of procedure; record of proceedings; availability of writings to public; quorum; election of president and vice-president; appointment, duties, and compensation of officers and employees.
     Section 331.607 ‑ Medical commission; acceptance of grants or loans.
     Section 331.608 ‑ Medical commission; property, purchase, condemnation, sale or lease.
     Section 331.609 ‑ Medical commission; powers as to governmental institutional buildings.
     Section 331.621 ‑ Transfer of clinics building and Detroit receiving hospital as serving public purpose; authorization; receipt of full value.
     Section 331.622 ‑ Terms and conditions of transfers.
     Section 331.623 ‑ Clinics building; purposes.
     Section 331.624 ‑ Detroit receiving hospital; purposes.
Act 139 of 1956 ‑ Repealed-THE NURSING HOME AND HOME FOR THE AGED LICENSING ACT (331.651 - 331.660)
E.R.O. No. 1975‑2 ‑ EXECUTIVE REORGANIZATION ORDER (331.671 - 331.671)
     Section 331.671 ‑ Transfer of nursing home rate setting functions from department of public health to department of social services.
Act 287 of 1972 ‑ Repealed-ADULT FOSTER CARE FACILITY LICENSING ACT (331.681 - 331.694)
Act 121 of 1981 ‑ Repealed-HOSPITAL CAPACITY REDUCTION CORPORATION ACT OF 1981 (331.701 - 331.713)
Act 230 of 1987 ‑ MUNICIPAL HEALTH FACILITIES CORPORATIONS ACT (331.1101 - 331.1507)
     230‑1987‑1 ‑ CHAPTER 1 (331.1101...331.1103)
          Section 331.1101 ‑ Short title.
          Section 331.1102 ‑ Legislative finding.
          Section 331.1103 ‑ Definitions.
     230‑1987‑2 ‑ CHAPTER 2 (331.1201...331.1262)
          Section 331.1201 ‑ Question of establishing corporation; election required.
          Section 331.1202 ‑ Holding election; canvass; ballots.
          Section 331.1203 ‑ Corporation as successor to county public hospital.
          Section 331.1204 ‑ Organization of health care facilities.
          Section 331.1205 ‑ Corporation or subsidiary corporation; incorporation; name.
          Section 331.1206 ‑ Articles of incorporation; approval; contents.
          Section 331.1207 ‑ Articles of incorporation; execution; delivery; filing; publication; certificate; effective date of incorporation; validity of incorporation conclusively presumed; section inapplicable to articles of incorporation of restructured corporation or subsidiary.
          Section 331.1208 ‑ Articles of incorporation; amendment.
          Section 331.1209 ‑ Board of trustees and subsidiary board incorporated by county; appointment and terms of trustees; qualifications; oath; removal from office; notice of hearing; hearing; vote.
          Section 331.1210 ‑ Board of trustees and subsidiary board; quorum; action by vote of majority.
          Section 331.1211 ‑ Availability of writings to public; confidentiality.
          Section 331.1212 ‑ Compensation of trustees; bond; trustees as public servants; conflicts of interest; disclosure.
          Section 331.1213 ‑ Corporation and subsidiary corporation as body corporate; power to sue and be sued; official seal; liability or debt.
          Section 331.1251 ‑ Public hospital or other health care facility; incorporation of corporation; election required.
          Section 331.1252 ‑ Election; place; canvassing vote; ballots.
          Section 331.1253 ‑ Corporation as successor to city or village public hospital; terms of trustees continued; rights, privileges, immunities, and franchises, personal property, debts, and choses in action; interests and licenses; title or interest in real estate; transfer of money and other property; corporation as employer; labor agreement; bargaining representative; liabilities and obligations; claims; pending action or proceeding; rights of creditors; liens.
          Section 331.1254 ‑ Incorporation of corporation and subsidiary corporations; names.
          Section 331.1255 ‑ Articles of incorporation generally.
          Section 331.1256 ‑ Articles of incorporation; execution; delivery; publication; filing; certificate; effective date; validity of incorporation; section inapplicable to articles of incorporation of restructured corporation or subsidiary.
          Section 331.1257 ‑ Articles of incorporation; amendment.
          Section 331.1258 ‑ Board of trustees and subsidiary board incorporated by city or village; appointment and terms of trustees; qualifications; oath; removal from office; notice of hearing; hearing; vote.
          Section 331.1259 ‑ Board of trustees and subsidiary board; quorum; actions.
          Section 331.1260 ‑ Board of trustees and subsidiary board; availability of writings to public; confidentiality.
          Section 331.1261 ‑ Board of trustees and subsidiary board; compensation and expenses; bond; trustees as public servants; policies and procedures; conflicts of interest; disclosure.
          Section 331.1262 ‑ Corporation and subsidiary corporation as body corporate; powers; liability or debt.
     230‑1987‑3 ‑ CHAPTER 3 (331.1301...331.1307)
          Section 331.1301 ‑ Corporation and subsidiary corporation; powers generally.
          Section 331.1302 ‑ Bylaws.
          Section 331.1303 ‑ Board of trustees and subsidiary board; powers generally.
          Section 331.1304 ‑ Board of trustees and subsidiary board; additional powers.
          Section 331.1305 ‑ Powers of local governmental unit generally.
          Section 331.1305a ‑ Restructure of corporation or subsidiary corporation as nonprofit.
          Section 331.1306 ‑ Board of trustees or subsidiary board; sale or transfer of ownership or operation; terms; acceptance of notes, bonds, or obligations; discrimination prohibited; approval of transfer; transfer not to impair corporate obligation, bond, note, or contract.
          Section 331.1307 ‑ Definitions; retention of employees; continuation of collective bargaining agreements; bargaining representative; standing of employee to commence action; rescission of transactions; continued participation in federal old age, survivors, and disability insurance benefits program.
     230‑1987‑4 ‑ CHAPTER 4 (331.1401...331.1415)
          Section 331.1401 ‑ Board of trustees or subsidiary board; power to borrow money and issue notes; resolution; applicability of revised municipal finance act.
          Section 331.1402 ‑ Corporation or subsidiary corporation; additional powers; prohibited conduct.
          Section 331.1403 ‑ Corporation or subsidiary corporation; additional powers; refinancing or refunding indebtedness; redemption; limitation; determination of board of trustees or subsidiary conclusive; exception.
          Section 331.1404 ‑ Corporation obligations as general obligations of issuing corporation or subsidiary corporation; corporation obligations neither local governmental unit nor state debt.
          Section 331.1405 ‑ Provisions of resolution authorizing issuance of corporation obligations as part of contract.
          Section 331.1406 ‑ Corporation obligations generally.
          Section 331.1407 ‑ Refunding corporation obligations.
          Section 331.1408 ‑ Security instruments to continue in effect until principal and interest on corporation obligations paid in full; terms of security instrument; recital.
          Section 331.1409 ‑ Lien of pledge.
          Section 331.1410 ‑ Personal liability on notes or corporation obligations.
          Section 331.1411 ‑ Pledge and agreement of state.
          Section 331.1412 ‑ Corporation obligations; statutory provisions to which issuance of obligations subject; legality.
          Section 331.1413 ‑ Corporation obligations as negotiable instruments under uniform commercial code.
          Section 331.1414 ‑ Notes and corporation obligations as investment securities.
          Section 331.1415 ‑ State covenants with purchasers, subsequent holders, and transferees of notes and corporation obligations.
     230‑1987‑5 ‑ CHAPTER 5 (331.1501...331.1507)
          Section 331.1501 ‑ Financial reports and annual audits.
          Section 331.1502 ‑ Indemnification of certain persons.
          Section 331.1503 ‑ Dissolution of corporation or subsidiary corporation.
          Section 331.1504 ‑ Tax exemption.
          Section 331.1505 ‑ Cumulative authority for exercise of various powers; exercise of powers enumerated or not enumerated.
          Section 331.1507 ‑ Effective date.

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