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Section 207.1037

Act 403 of 2000

207.1037 Tax refund on motor fuel exported out of bulk plant in tank wagon; tax refund or deduction on tax-free K-1 kerosene sold through blocked pump.

Sec. 37.

  (1) A person may seek a refund for tax paid under this act on motor fuel that the person exported out of a bulk plant in this state in a tank wagon if proof of reporting of import to the destination state and proof of payment of the tax imposed by this act have been provided. The refund is subject to conditions established by the department.
  (2) A person who is registered with the federal government under section 4101 of the internal revenue code as an ultimate vendor may apply for a refund or claim a deduction for tax paid under this act on K-1 kerosene that is sold tax-free by that person through a blocked pump if he or she meets the requirements described in section 6427 of the internal revenue code and any regulations concerning a blocked pump. The department may revoke a person's license under this act if the person allows anyone to fuel a motor vehicle from a blocked pump or allows anyone to purchase K-1 kerosene from a blocked pump for a taxable purpose. As used in this subsection, "blocked pump" means that term as defined in 65 F.R. 48.6427-10, p. 17162 (March 31, 2000).

History: 2000, Act 403, Eff. Apr. 1, 2001 ;-- Am. 2002, Act 668, Eff. Apr. 1, 2003

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