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Section 776.9

Act 175 of 1927

776.9 Extradition; persons liable to; complaint, warrant.

Sec. 9.

Whenever any person shall be found within this state charged with any offense committed in any other state or territory and liable by the constitution and laws of the United States to be delivered over upon the demand of the governor of such other state or territory, any court or magistrate authorized to issue warrants in criminal cases, may upon complaint on oath setting forth the offense, and such other matters as are necessary to bring the case within the provisions of law, issue a warrant to bring the person so charged before the same or some other court or magistrate, within this state, to answer to such complaint as in other cases.

History: 1927, Act 175, Eff. Sept. 5, 1927 ;-- CL 1929, 17499 ;-- CL 1948, 776.9
Former Law: See section 9 of Ch. 170 of R.S. 1846, being CL 1857, § 6125; CL 1871, § 8007; How., § 9623; CL 1897, § 11994; and CL 1915, § 15887.

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