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Act 368 of 1978
Part 72

Section 333.7201SectionAdministration of article; adding, deleting, or rescheduling substances.
Section 333.7202SectionConsiderations in making determination regarding substance; emergency rule.
Section 333.7203SectionFindings; rule controlling substance; imminent danger; extension of emergency rule; substance as precursor of controlled precursor.
Section 333.7204SectionSubstance designated, rescheduled, or deleted as controlled substance under federal law; notice; board meeting; similar control of substance by administrator; publication of reasons for determination.
Section 333.7206SectionScientific advisory commission; creation; purpose; appointment and terms of members; recommendations.
Section 333.7208SectionAuthority to control; exclusions.
Section 333.7210SectionInclusion of controlled substances by whatever name designated.
Section 333.7211SectionSchedule 1; placement of substance.
Section 333.7212SectionSchedule 1; controlled substances included.
Section 333.7213SectionSchedule 2; placement of substance.
Section 333.7214SectionSchedule 2; controlled substances included.
Section 333.7215SectionSchedule 3; placement of substance.
Section 333.7216SectionSchedule 3; controlled substances included; rules.
Section 333.7217SectionSchedule 4; placement of substance.
Section 333.7218SectionSchedule 4; controlled substances included.
Section 333.7219SectionSchedule 5; placement of substance.
Section 333.7220SectionSchedule 5; controlled substances included.
Section 333.7227SectionSubstances excluded from schedules of controlled substances; excluded substance as deleterious drug; manufacturing, distributing, or dispensing excluded substance.
Section 333.7229SectionExcepted compound, mixture, or preparation; compliance.
Section 333.7231SectionNotice of change in scheduling or rescheduling.
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