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Section 247.953

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Act 69 of 1993

247.953 Heritage routes; characteristics.

Sec. 3.

Certain portions of the state trunkline highway system are so uniquely endowed by natural aesthetic, ecological, environmental, and cultural amenities immediately adjacent to the roadside that their use by a larger percentage of the motoring public, particularly during the recreational season, is for the experience of traveling the road rather than as a route to a destination. Because of the immediate proximity of these features, roads may possess characteristics such as the following: pavement width of 16 to 20 feet, shoulders as narrow as 2 feet with trees immediately adjacent, curves that restrict maximum legal speeds, hills, steep side slopes, and narrow rights-of-way. The improvement philosophy for these roads is to maintain the essential elements of the road and the area immediately surrounding the road that create its unique character.

History: 1993, Act 69, Imd. Eff. June 22, 1993

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