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Act 451 of 1994

Section 324.501SectionDepartment of natural resources; creation; powers and duties; commission of natural resources; creation; powers; appointment, qualifications, and terms of members; vacancy; removal; meetings; secretary; chairperson; quorum; conducting business at public meeting; notice; appointment and employment of director; appointment of deputy director, assistants, and employees; powers and duties of persons delegated decision making authority; vacancy in office of director; compensation and expenses; offices and equipment; oath.
Section 324.501aSectionJurisdiction, rights, and responsibilities of Great Lakes states and provinces.
Section 324.502SectionRules; powers of department; contracts for taking and storage of mineral products; disposition and use of money; drilling operations for taking oil or gas from lake bottomlands of Great Lakes; prohibition; compliance with applicable ordinances and statutes.
Section 324.502aSectionDesignation of state land reserve; petition, recommendation, or motion; eligibility for commission consideration; public testimony; issuance of commission recommendation; offer and adoption of resolution by legislature; purchase, trade, or acquisition of other holdings.
Section 324.503SectionDuties of department; powers and jurisdiction; purchase of surface rights; limitations; record; strategic plan; managed public land strategy; volunteers; granting concessions; lease and sale of land; reservation of mineral rights; sale of economic share of royalty interests; definitions.
Section 324.503aSectionEnvironmental protection fund.
Section 324.503bSectionDivestment from terror act; compliance by state treasurer.
Section 324.504SectionDepartment of natural resources; rules for protection and preservation of lands and property; copies to legislative committees; duties of department; applicability of subsection (2) to commercial forestland; public access to certain land; written resolution requesting removal of human-made barrier; expanding access to certain state land for outdoor recreation; certain rules prohibited; orders; violation as civil infraction; fine.
Section 324.505SectionFederal fish stock and programs; application; listing of programs supplied to legislature.
Section 324.506SectionAvailability of writings to public.
Section 324.507SectionDeclaration of necessity.
Section 324.508SectionFees and rentals for photographic or publication products or services; disposition and use; limitation; unexpended fees and rentals.
Section 324.509SectionPermit for use of state parks; disposition of revenue from permit fees and concessions at state parks; use of fees for processing applications for use of state forests; creation of forest land user fund.
Section 324.509aSectionMacMullan conference center account; creation and establishment; deposits; purpose; annual report.
Section 324.509bSectionMacMullan conference center; restrictions on availability.
Section 324.510SectionDisposition of certain reimbursements and other money; disposition and use of aircraft fees; limitation.
Section 324.511SectionFees for department of natural resources magazine, publications, and related materials; disposition and use of fees; retained earnings; disposition of unexpended fees and excess collections; annual allocation to magazine account; accounting records.
Section 324.512SectionFilm production located in state; authorization by director or commission to use property; exception; cooperation with Michigan film office; definitions.
Section 324.513SectionGift certificates.
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