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Section 771A.3

Act 175 of 1927

771A.3 State swift and sure sanctions program; intent to create; implementation.

Sec. 3.

  It is the intent of the legislature to create a voluntary state program to fund swift and sure probation supervision based on the immediate detection of probation violations and the prompt imposition of sanctions and remedies to address those violations. In furtherance of this intent, the state swift and sure sanctions program must be implemented and maintained as provided in this chapter as follows:
  (a) Probationers are to be sentenced with prescribed terms of probation meeting the objectives of this chapter. Probationers are to be aware of their probation terms as well as the consequences for violating the terms of their probation.
  (b) Probationers are to be closely monitored and every detected violation is to be promptly addressed by the court.
  (c) Probationers are to be arrested as soon as a violation has been detected and are to be promptly taken before a judge for a hearing on the violation.
  (d) Continued violations are to be addressed by increasing sanctions and remedies as necessary to achieve results.
  (e) To the extent possible and considering local resources, probationers subject to swift and sure probation under this chapter shall be treated uniformly throughout this state.

History: Add. 2012, Act 616, Imd. Eff. Jan. 9, 2013 ;-- Am. 2017, Act 17, Eff. June 29, 2017

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