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Act 345 of 2014 - RIGHT TO TRY ACT (333.26451 - 333.26457)
Section 333.26451 ‑ Short title; definitions.
Section 333.26452 ‑ Availability of investigational drug, biological product, or device.
Section 333.26453 ‑ Coverage by health plan, third party administrator, or governmental agency; costs; new or additional services provided by hospital or facility.
Section 333.26454 ‑ Outstanding debt related to treatment or lack of insurance; liability of patient's heirs.
Section 333.26455 ‑ Licensing board or disciplinary committee; prohibitions; medicare certification entity; prohibitions.
Section 333.26456 ‑ Access to investigational drug, biological product, or device.
Section 333.26457 ‑ Private cause of action; participation in clinical trials.

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