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NOTE: Dates reflect any modification to item, not necessarily a change in law.

Act 59 of 1935 ‑ MICHIGAN STATE POLICE (28.1 - 28.16)
***** 28.6c.amended THIS AMENDED SECTION IS EFFECTIVE APRIL 26, 2018 ***** ***** 28.6c THIS SECTION IS AMENDED EFFECTIVE APRIL 26, 2018: See 28.6c.amended *****
     Section 28.1 ‑ Michigan state police; definitions.
     Section 28.2 ‑ Michigan state police; creation; director, appointment, salary, oath of office, location of department.
     Section 28.3 ‑ Acting commissioner; designation, compensation, length of service.
     Section 28.4 ‑ Uniformed personnel and detective personnel; organization; highway patrol; classification of department members as officers and civilian employees; qualifications of officers; oath of office; hearing; dismissal.
     Section 28.5 ‑ Repealed. 2006, Act 190, Imd. Eff. June 19, 2006.
     Section 28.6 ‑ Commissioner and officers; powers and duties generally.
     Section 28.6a ‑ Conservation officers; appointment by commissioner as state police officers.
     Section 28.6b ‑ Repealed. 2000, Act 197, Imd. Eff. June 22, 2000.
     Section 28.6c ‑ Limited arrest powers for certain security personnel; authorization; exercise; rescission; firearms; exclusion of security personnel from pension, accident, and disability plan.
     Section 28.6c.amended ‑ Limited arrest powers for certain security personnel; authorization; exercise; rescission; firearms; exclusion of security personnel from pension, accident, and disability plan.
     Section 28.6d ‑ Motor carrier enforcement; appointment of officers with limited arrest powers; firearms; circumstances permitting arrest without warrant; officer not entitled to membership in state police pension, accident, and disability plan or similar program.
     Section 28.6e ‑ Law enforcement officer of Michigan Indian tribal police force; appointment; compensation; participation in pension or insurance plan; definitions.
     Section 28.7 ‑ Duties of director.
     Section 28.7a ‑ Repealed. 1964, Act 256, Eff. Aug. 28, 1964.
     Section 28.7b ‑ Quarters and boarding.
     Section 28.8 ‑ Officers; grades; powers and duties; transportation of officers and civilian employees.
     Section 28.9 ‑ Rules and regulations of department adopted by commissioner.
     Section 28.10 ‑ Repealed. 2002, Act 324, Imd. Eff. May 23, 2002.
     Section 28.11 ‑ Repealed. 1952, Act 253, Eff. Sept. 18, 1952.
     Section 28.12 ‑ Trial board; members, powers; powers of commissioner as presiding officer.
     Section 28.12a ‑ Injury to person or property caused by negligent operation of motor vehicle by state police officer or employee; reimbursement.
     Section 28.13 ‑ Incumbents; continuation; construction of act.
     Section 28.14 ‑ Disposition of fees.
     Section 28.15 ‑ Biennial report of commissioner to governor.
     Section 28.16 ‑ Firearms safety program; public service announcements; “weapon free school zones” defined; availability of program and public service announcements.
E.R.O. No. 1982‑1 ‑ EXECUTIVE REORGANIZATION ORDER (28.21 - 28.21)
     Section 28.21 ‑ Transfer of public service commission highway enforcement functions to department of state police.
E.R.O. No. 1989‑1 ‑ EXECUTIVE REORGANIZATION ORDER (28.31 - 28.31)
     Section 28.31 ‑ Transfer of administration and distribution of secondary road patrol and traffic accident prevention funds to office of highway safety planning.
Act 40 of 1950 (Ex. Sess.) ‑ Repealed-SUBVERSIVE ACTIVITIES INVESTIGATION DIVISION (28.51 - 28.56)
E.R.O. No. 1969‑1 ‑ EXECUTIVE REORGANIZATION ORDER (28.61 - 28.61)
     Section 28.61 ‑ Executive reorganization order no. 1969-1; creating office of highway safety planning and designating governor's highway safety program representative.
Act 170 of 1978 ‑ STATE ARSON STRIKE FORCE UNIT (28.71 - 28.72)
     Section 28.71 ‑ “Person” defined.
     Section 28.72 ‑ State arson strike force; creation; personnel; powers.
E.R.O. No. 2009‑29 ‑ EXECUTIVE REORGANIZATION ORDER (28.91 - 28.91)
     Section 28.91 ‑ Transfer of powers and duties of office of drug control policy related to administration of federal grants received from department of justice from department of community health to department of state police by type II transfer; transfer of powers and duties of office of drug control policy relating to administration of federal grants from federal department of education from department of community health to department of education by type II transfer.
Act 148 of 2015 ‑ UNIFORM FORFEITURE REPORTING ACT (28.111 - 28.117)
     Section 28.111 ‑ Short title.
     Section 28.112 ‑ Agency report to department of state police regarding forfeiture of property; form; contents; applicability to certain proceedings.
     Section 28.113 ‑ Agencies not engaging in forfeiture; null report.
     Section 28.114 ‑ Use of forfeiture proceeds to pay reporting costs.
     Section 28.115 ‑ Audit.
     Section 28.116 ‑ Compilation of information by department of state police; filing of report with secretary of senate and clerk of house of representatives; placement of report on department website; identification of departments, agencies, or local units of government failing to report information.
     Section 28.117 ‑ Definitions
Act 276 of 2014 ‑ METHAMPHETAMINE ABUSE REPORTING ACT (28.121 - 28.128)
     Section 28.121 ‑ Short title.
     Section 28.122 ‑ Definitions.
     Section 28.123 ‑ Notification of conviction to NADDI; information.
     Section 28.124 ‑ Stop-sale alert; purpose of information provided to NADDI; expiration.
     Section 28.125 ‑ Statement on NPLEx.
     Section 28.126 ‑ Conditions requiring notification; correcting, updating, or removing information.
     Section 28.127 ‑ Immunity from civil liability.
     Section 28.128 ‑ Reliance on and use of information by retailer; immunity from civil liability; disclosure of information; violation as misdemeanor; penalty.
Act 307 of 1988 ‑ Repealed-A.F.I.S. POLICY COUNCIL ACT (28.151 - 28.158)
E.R.O. No. 1998‑1 ‑ EXECUTIVE REORGANIZATION ORDER (28.161 - 28.161)
     Section 28.161 ‑ Creation of criminal justice information systems (CJIS) policy council; transfer of powers and duties of automated fingerprint identification system (AFIS) policy council to CJIS policy council and abolition of AFIS policy council; transfer of powers and duties of law enforcement information network (LEIN) policy council to CJIS policy council and abolition of LEIN policy council.
E.R.O. No. 2008‑2 ‑ EXECUTIVE REORGANIZATION ORDER (28.162 - 28.162)
     Section 28.162 ‑ Transfer of powers and duties of criminal justice information systems policy council to department of state police by type III transfer; abolishment of criminal justice information systems policy council.
Act 250 of 1990 ‑ DNA IDENTIFICATION PROFILING SYSTEM ACT (28.171 - 28.178)
     Section 28.171 ‑ Short title.
     Section 28.172 ‑ Definitions.
     Section 28.173 ‑ Rules.
     Section 28.173a ‑ DNA identification profiling; refusal to supply samples as misdemeanor; existing sample; inadequate sample.
     Section 28.174 ‑ Developing capability of conducting DNA identification and genetic marker profiling.
     Section 28.175 ‑ DNA profile or sample; unauthorized dissemination, receipt, or use of information; removal, destruction, or tampering; obtaining, testing, or destroying; violation; penalty.
     Section 28.175a ‑ DNA profiles; authorized use; analyses for identification of medical or genetic disorder prohibited.
     Section 28.176 ‑ DNA identification profile; retention; requirements; disposal of sample or profile; good-faith error; disposal of physical evidence or data obtained from sample; notice.
     Section 28.177, 28.178 ‑ Repealed. 1994, Act 166, Imd. Eff. June 17, 1994.
Act 262 of 2006 ‑ METHAMPHETAMINE REPORTING ACT (28.191 - 28.196)
     Section 28.191 ‑ Short title.
     Section 28.192 ‑ Methamphetamine; manufacture, use, possession, and distribution; compilation of information; entities providing information; procedures to prevent duplication; manner of reporting; disclosure; confidentiality.
     Section 28.193 ‑ Report to legislature; availability to public.
     Section 28.194 ‑ Information to be provided to federal department.
     Section 28.195 ‑ Rules.
     Section 28.196 ‑ "Department" defined.
     Section 28.201 ‑ Certified reproductions of state police records admissible as evidence.
     Section 28.202 ‑ Construction of act.
Act 163 of 1974 ‑ C.J.I.S. POLICY COUNCIL ACT (28.211 - 28.216)
     Section 28.211 ‑ Short title.
     Section 28.211a ‑ Definitions.
     Section 28.212 ‑ Criminal justice information policy council; creation; membership; terms.
     Section 28.213 ‑ Council; chairperson; election; meeting; compensation; quorum.
     Section 28.213a ‑ Council; powers, duties, functions, and responsibilities.
     Section 28.214 ‑ Council; duties; fingerprints; disclosure of information; violation; penalty.
     Section 28.215 ‑ Access to information; powers of council.
     Section 28.216 ‑ Repealed. 2005, Act 308, Eff. Feb. 1, 2006.
Act 211 of 1925 ‑ MICHIGAN TRAINING SCHOOL FOR PEACE OFFICERS (28.221 - 28.225)
     Section 28.221 ‑ Training school for peace officers; creation, location, subjects.
     Section 28.222 ‑ Training school; instructors and students, expenses.
     Section 28.223 ‑ Training school; students, lodging.
     Section 28.224 ‑ Training school; diplomas.
     Section 28.225 ‑ Training school; municipal police protection during operation of school.
     Section 28.241 ‑ Department of state police; responsibility for criminal and juvenile identification and records; apparatus and materials.
     Section 28.241a ‑ Definitions.
     Section 28.242 ‑ Duties of commanding officer.
     Section 28.242a ‑ Dissemination of criminal history record information; exception.
     Section 28.243 ‑ Collecting and forwarding biometric data of person arrested; manner; destruction of biometric data and arrest card; duties of clerk on final disposition of charge; contents of report; informing director of federal bureau of investigation; comparison of biometric data with that on file; informing arresting agency and prosecuting attorney; applicability of provisions; prohibited conduct under subsection (5).
     Section 28.243a ‑ Collection of biometric data; refusal or resistance as misdemeanor.
     Section 28.244 ‑ Cooperation with bureaus in other states, federal bureau of investigation, and United States justice department.
     Section 28.245 ‑ Local bureaus of identification; establishment.
     Section 28.245a ‑ Performance audits of criminal and juvenile history record information; report.
     Section 28.246 ‑ Neglect or refusal of officers or officials to perform duties as misdemeanor; penalty.
     Section 28.247 ‑ Sexually motivated crimes and juvenile offenses and crimes and juvenile offenses involving sexual conduct; reports; forms; filing; confidentiality; examination of reports; violation as misdemeanor; penalty.
     Section 28.248 ‑ Use of biometric data for criminal identification.
     Section 28.249 ‑ Repealed. 1986, Act 231, Eff. June 1, 1987.
Act 319 of 1968 ‑ UNIFORM CRIME REPORTING SYSTEM (28.251 - 28.259)
     Section 28.251 ‑ Uniform crime reports; duties of police departments to file, contents.
     Section 28.252 ‑ Compilation of monthly uniform crime reports; use.
     Section 28.253 ‑ Voluntary crime reports; inclusion in compilation.
     Section 28.254 ‑ Reports of wanted persons and stolen vehicles.
     Section 28.255 ‑ Reports of apprehension or recovery.
     Section 28.256 ‑ Inapplicability of act as to traffic misdemeanors.
     Section 28.257 ‑ Domestic violence incidents; report to state police; contents.
     Section 28.257a ‑ Crimes motivated by prejudice or bias; report.
     Section 28.258 ‑ Definitions; certain persons reported missing; preliminary investigation; entering information into LEIN, national crime information center, and clearinghouse; dental records; retaining and broadcasting information; forwarding information to registrar; notice and information to last known school district; request that registrar and school district be notified; emancipated missing child; cancellation of information; policy preventing immediate investigation prohibited; unidentified body; unknown identity of individual found.
     Section 28.259 ‑ Missing children information clearinghouse; establishment; administration; supervision; services; duties; location of child; compliance.
     Section 28.261 ‑ Fingerprinting inmates of penal or correctional institution; compliance; copies of impressions.
     Section 28.262 ‑ Bureau of identification filing system for fingerprints of inmates of state institutions; purpose, equipment, supplies.
Act 120 of 1935 ‑ FINGERPRINTING RESIDENTS OF STATE (28.271 - 28.274)
     Section 28.271 ‑ Request for impression of fingerprints; copies; exception.
     Section 28.272 ‑ Filing system; purpose; equipment and supplies.
     Section 28.273 ‑ Fingerprinting and criminal record check; fee.
     Section 28.274 ‑ Fingerprints and photograph of individual with special needs; request by parent or guardian; form; fee; waiver; remittance and forwarding of fee; forwarding fingerprints and photograph to director of Federal Bureau of Investigation; removal from automated fingerprint identification system database and statewide network of agency photos; definitions.
Act 152 of 1929 ‑ RADIO BROADCASTING STATIONS (28.281 - 28.287)
     Section 28.281 ‑ Michigan public safety communications system; establishment within department of technology, management, and budget; scope.
     Section 28.282 ‑ Michigan public safety communications system; construction; implementation; operation; maintenance; location; special use permit.
     Section 28.283 ‑ Michigan public safety communications system; police dispatches and reports; broadcast; use by governmental public safety agency; collocation; costs; collation by governmental agency not public safety agency; use of money collected from collation leasing; access to tower; denial of permission to install, attach, or continue to collocate equipment; definitions.
     Section 28.287 ‑ Repealed. 1996, Act 538, Imd. Eff. Jan. 13, 1997.
Act 222 of 1972 ‑ STATE PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION CARD (28.291 - 28.300)
     Section 28.291 ‑ Official state personal identification card; application; requirements; identification card issued by department of corrections as documentation; electronic access to prisoner information; person holding operator's or chauffeur's license; applicant not citizen of United States; disclosure or display of social security number; exception; agreements with federal government; termination of official state personal identification card issued by another state; duties of secretary of state.
     Section 28.291a ‑ Definitions.
     Section 28.292 ‑ Official state personal identification card; contents; duties of secretary of state; methods; form; emergency medical information card; fingerprint or finger image; retention and use of individual's digital photographic image; limitation; evidence of blindness; placement on donor registry; identifier for voter registration purposes; information; issuance; manufacture; fees; expiration; renewal; waiver of fee; correction for change of name or address; application for renewal; other information; access to emergency information by law enforcement agencies; emancipated minor; participation in anatomical gift donor registry; validity.
     Section 28.293 ‑ False representation of information; violation as felony; additional violations; penalty; cancellation or return.
     Section 28.294 ‑ Forfeiture of card used or displayed during commission of crime.
     Section 28.295 ‑ Conduct constituting felony or misdemeanor; penalties; exceptions; cancellation or return.
     Section 28.295a ‑ Prohibited conduct; violation as felony; penalties.
     Section 28.296 ‑ Availability of records to public.
     Section 28.297 ‑ Commercial look-up service; disposition of fees; computerized central file; providing file to nongovernmental person or entity.
     Section 28.298 ‑ Disclosure of personal information; uses.
     Section 28.299 ‑ Resale or redisclosure of information; duties of recipient.
     Section 28.299a ‑ Application for official state identification card; examination and determination.
     Section 28.300 ‑ Furnishing list of information to federal, state, or local governmental agency; contract for sale of lists of records; surveys, marketing, and solicitations; insertion of safeguard in agreement or contract; duties of recipient of personal information; disclosure of list based on driving behavior or sanctions.
     Section 28.301 ‑ Short title.
     Section 28.302 ‑ Definitions.
     Section 28.303 ‑ Memorandum of understanding with federal agency; agreement to implement border-crossing initiative.
     Section 28.304 ‑ Enhanced driver's license or enhanced official state personal identification card; issuance; security measures; radio frequency identification technology; requirements in addition to requirements for standard driver license or official state personal identification card; sanction; "sanction" defined.
     Section 28.305 ‑ Items to be provided to secretary of state; facial image or signature; display of social security number prohibited; examination and verification of application and other documentation; rejection of application; retention of copies or digital images of documents or facial image; disclosure of digital images of documents; compilation or maintenance of database limited.
     Section 28.306 ‑ Fees.
     Section 28.307 ‑ Enhanced driver license and enhanced official state personal identification card fund; creation; disposition of money and assets; investment; money remaining at close of fiscal year; secretary of state as administrator; expenditure.
     Section 28.308 ‑ Conduct as felony; penalty.
Act 203 of 1937 ‑ DISPOSITION OF STOLEN PROPERTY (28.401 - 28.406)
     Section 28.401 ‑ Stolen property recovered by state police; holding period.
     Section 28.402 ‑ Stolen property recovered and unclaimed; report to state administrative board.
     Section 28.403 ‑ Stolen property; authority for sale; publication of notice.
     Section 28.404 ‑ Stolen property; receipts from sale credited to general fund.
     Section 28.405 ‑ Stolen property; claim invalid after notice and sale.
     Section 28.406 ‑ Stolen property; claim proved after notice and sale.
Act 294 of 1945 ‑ REPORT OF STOLEN AND RECOVERED PROPERTY (28.411 - 28.413)
     Section 28.411 ‑ Stolen and recovered personal property; report to state police, form.
     Section 28.412 ‑ Stolen and recovered personal property; records and files maintained.
     Section 28.413 ‑ Motor vehicles excepted from act.
Act 372 of 1927 ‑ FIREARMS (28.421 - 28.435)
     Section 28.421 ‑ Definitions; lawful owning, possessing, carrying, or transporting of pistol greater than 26 inches in length; conditions; firearm not considered as pistol; election.
     Section 28.421a ‑ Concealed pistol licenses; issuance; creation of standardized system.
     Section 28.421b ‑ Firearms records; confidentiality; disclosure prohibited; exceptions; violation as civil infraction; fine.
     Section 28.422 ‑ License to purchase, carry, possess, or transport pistol; issuance; qualifications; applications; sale of pistol; exemptions; transfer of ownership to heir or devisee; nonresident; active duty status; forging application as felony; implementation during business hours.
     Section 28.422a ‑ Individuals not required to obtain license; completion of record by seller; duties of purchaser; noncompliance as state civil infraction; penalty; entering information into pistol entry database; obtaining copy of information; exemption; material false statement as felony; penalty; rules; verification; definitions.
     Section 28.422b ‑ Entry of order or disposition into law enforcement information network; written notice; person subject of order; request to amend inaccuracy; notice of grant or denial of request; hearing; entry of personal protection order; service required.
     Section 28.423 ‑ Repealed. 2000, Act 381, Eff. July 1, 2001.
     Section 28.424 ‑ Restoration of rights by circuit court; petition; fee; determination; order; circumstances.
     Section 28.425 ‑ Concealed pistol application kits.
     Section 28.425a ‑ Validity and duration of concealed pistol license issued before December 1, 2015; duties of county clerk; verification by state police; applicant issued personal protection order; emergency license; requirements; notice of statutory disqualification; surrender of emergency license; compilation of firearms laws by legislative service bureau; distribution; statement.
     Section 28.425b ‑ License application; form; contents; material false statement as felony; record; fee; verification of requirements; determination; circumstances for issuance; information of court order or conviction; fingerprints; issuance or denial; individual moving to different county; replacement license; suspension or revocation of license; furnishing copy of application to individual; list of certified instructors; delivery of license by first-class mail; liability for civil damages; voluntary surrender of license; definitions.
     Section 28.425c ‑ License; form; contents; authorized conduct; photograph.
     Section 28.425d ‑ Denial or failure to issue notice of statutory disqualification, receipt, or license; appeal.
     Section 28.425e ‑ Database; annual report.
     Section 28.425f ‑ Concealed pistol license; possession; disclosure to peace officer; violation; fine; notice to department; suspension or revocation by county clerk; entry into law enforcement information network; seizure by peace officer; forfeiture; "peace officer" defined.
     Section 28.425g ‑ Pistol or portable device that uses electro-muscular disruption technology; subject to seizure and forfeiture; exception.
     Section 28.425h ‑ Expiration of license issued under former law; renewal license.
     Section 28.425i ‑ Instruction or training; liability.
     Section 28.425j ‑ Pistol training or safety program; conditions; prohibited conduct; violation of subsection (3) as felony; certificate of completion.
     Section 28.425k ‑ Acceptance of license as implied consent to submit to chemical analysis of breath, blood, or urine; collection and testing; refusal to take chemical test; definitions.
     Section 28.425l ‑ License; validity; duration; renewal; waiver of educational requirements; fingerprints.
     Section 28.425m ‑ Repealed. 2015, Act 3, Eff. June 2, 2015.
     Section 28.425n ‑ Other license or permit; limitations by employer prohibited.
     Section 28.425o ‑ Premises on which carrying concealed weapon or portable device that uses electro-muscular disruption technology prohibited; “premises” defined; exceptions to subsections (1) and (2); violation; penalties.
     Section 28.425v ‑ Concealed weapon enforcement fund; creation; disposition of funds; lapse; expenditures.
     Section 28.425w ‑ Appropriation; amount; purpose; total state spending; appropriations and expenditures subject to MCL 18.1101 to 18.1594.
     Section 28.425x ‑ Concealed pistol licensing fund.
     Section 28.426 ‑ Issuance of license; conditions.
     Section 28.426a ‑ Repealed. 2015, Act 3, Eff. June 2, 2015.
     Section 28.427 ‑ Concealed weapons licenses; expiration.
     Section 28.428 ‑ Suspension, revocation, or reinstatement of license; notice; surrender of license; order or amended order; entry into law enforcement information network; effect of suspension or revocation order; failure to receive notice.
     Section 28.429 ‑ Repealed. 2008, Act 195, Eff. Jan. 7, 2009.
     Section 28.429a ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 377, Imd. Eff. Dec. 18, 2012.
     Section 28.429b ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 377, Imd. Eff. Dec. 18, 2012.
     Section 28.429c ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 377, Imd. Eff. Dec. 18, 2012.
     Section 28.429d ‑ Repealed. 2000, Act 381, Eff. July 1, 2001.
     Section 28.430 ‑ Theft of firearm; report required; failure to report theft as civil violation; penalty.
     Section 28.431 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 377, Imd. Eff. Dec. 18, 2012.
     Section 28.432 ‑ Inapplicability of MCL 28.422; amendatory act as “Janet Kukuk act”.
     Section 28.432a ‑ Exceptions.
     Section 28.432b ‑ Signaling devices to which MCL 28.422 inapplicable.
     Section 28.432c ‑ Repealed. 2000, Act 381, Eff. July 1, 2001.
     Section 28.433 ‑ Unlawful possession of weapon; complaint, search warrant, seizure.
     Section 28.434 ‑ Unlawful possession; weapon forfeited to state; disposal; immunity.
     Section 28.434a ‑ Disposition of firearm; immunity from civil liability; "law enforcement agency" defined.
     Section 28.435 ‑ Sale of firearms by federally licensed firearms dealer; sale of trigger lock or secured container; exceptions; brochure or pamphlet; statement of compliance; notice of liability; action by political subdivision against firearm or ammunition producer prohibited; rights of state attorney general; exceptions; effect of subsections (9) through (11); violation; penalties; definitions.
Act 256 of 2011 ‑ MICHIGAN FIREWORKS SAFETY ACT (28.451 - 28.471)
***** 28.461.amended THIS AMENDED SECTION IS EFFECTIVE JANUARY 31, 2018 ***** ***** 28.461 THIS SECTION IS AMENDED EFFECTIVE JANUARY 31, 2018: See 28.461.amended *****
     Section 28.451 ‑ Short title.
     Section 28.452 ‑ Definitions.
     Section 28.453 ‑ Novelties; inapplicability of act.
     Section 28.454 ‑ Sale of consumer fireworks; certificate required; violation as misdemeanor; penalty; application; requirements; issuance; validity; issuance of original or renewal certificate; sales tax license information; denial; transfer; display; prohibition; location or address; disposition of fees.
     Section 28.455 ‑ Sale of consumer fireworks from retail location; conditions; failure to comply; civil fine; insurance coverage.
     Section 28.456 ‑ Website; establishment and maintenance by department; registration with low-impact fireworks retail registry.
     Section 28.457 ‑ Local ordinances.
     Section 28.458 ‑ Fireworks safety fee; imposition; payment; deposit in fireworks safety fund; failure to comply as misdemeanor; fine.
     Section 28.459 ‑ Fireworks safety fee; determination; rates; collection allowance.
     Section 28.460 ‑ Fireworks safety fees; remittance; forms; manner; payment liability; past due amounts; aggregate filing; investigation.
     Section 28.461 ‑ Fireworks safety fund; creation within department of treasury; investment; money remaining in fund; lapse; expenditures; delegation of inspection duties; program.
     Section 28.461.amended ‑ Fireworks safety fund; creation within department of treasury; investment; money remaining in fund; lapse; expenditures; delegation of inspection duties; program.
     Section 28.462 ‑ Prohibited conduct; permission required; violation as civil infraction; civil fine; sale to minor; definitions; violation of smoking prohibition as misdemeanor; signage.
     Section 28.463 ‑ Resident agent.
     Section 28.464 ‑ Identification of firework in violation of act; investigation; determination of violation; seizure; criminal or civil proceedings.
     Section 28.465 ‑ Storage of seized fireworks; disposal or destruction; storage and disposal costs; use for training purposes.
     Section 28.466 ‑ Articles pyrotechnic or display fireworks ignition; permit; competency and qualifications of operators; retention of fee.
     Section 28.467 ‑ Conduct not prohibited by act.
     Section 28.467a ‑ Issuance of citation by state fire marshal.
     Section 28.468 ‑ Violation of act; penalty; reimbursement of storage costs.
     Section 28.468a ‑ Citation for serious violation; fine; prosecution; payment of civil fines to department; collection proceedings.
     Section 28.468b ‑ Issuance of certificate prohibited; revocation.
     Section 28.468c ‑ Person ineligible to obtain consumer fireworks certificates; offenses; periods; sanctions.
     Section 28.469 ‑ Inspections; delegation of authority and responsibility.
     Section 28.470 ‑ Rules.
     Section 28.471 ‑ Report by state fire marshal.
Act 227 of 1947 ‑ Repealed-HOUSING UNITS (28.501 - 28.506)
     Section 28.511 ‑ Short title.
     Section 28.512 ‑ Definitions.
     Section 28.513 ‑ Certification of qualified retired law enforcement officer to carry concealed firearm; establishment of requirements and procedures by commission; rules.
     Section 28.514 ‑ Eligibility to carry concealed firearm.
     Section 28.515 ‑ Application requirements and procedures to verify identity; conduct criminal history, and conduct background investigation; establishment by commission.
     Section 28.516 ‑ Application form; signature; providing false or misleading information as felony; penalty.
     Section 28.517 ‑ Issuance of certificate; carrying certificate and driver license or Michigan personal identification card; disclosure to peace officer; forfeiture upon notice of revocation; violation; penalties.
     Section 28.518 ‑ Circumstances requiring report to commission; failure to file report as misdemeanor; penalty.
     Section 28.519 ‑ Implied consent to submit to chemical analysis; certificate holder under influence of alcoholic liquor or controlled substance; violation; penalty; exception; collection and testing of breath, blood, and urine specimens; refusal to take chemical test; report of violation to commission.
     Section 28.520 ‑ Computerized database; creation and maintenance by commission; information to be contained; deletion; dissemination; confidentiality.
     Section 28.521 ‑ Administration of active duty firearm standard; identification of eligible public entities.
     Section 28.522 ‑ Firearm subject to seizure and forfeiture.
     Section 28.523 ‑ Retired law enforcement officer safety fund; creation in state treasury; credit of funds; balance remaining at end of fiscal year; administration for auditing purposes; expenditures.
     Section 28.524 ‑ Fees.
     Section 28.525 ‑ Immunity from liability.
     Section 28.526 ‑ Preemption.
     Section 28.527 ‑ Expiration of commission's authority to issue certificates.
     Section 28.541 ‑ Definitions.
     Section 28.542 ‑ Purchase, possession, and distribution of opioid antagonist.
     Section 28.543 ‑ Administering opioid antagonist; conditions.
     Section 28.544 ‑ Immunity from civil liability or criminal prosecution.
Act 128 of 2017 ‑ LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER SEPARATION OF SERVICE RECORD ACT (28.561.new - 28.565.new)
***** Act 128 of 2017 THIS NEW ACT IS EFFECTIVE JANUARY 15, 2018 *****
     Section 28.561.new ‑ Short title.
     Section 28.562.new ‑ Definitions.
     Section 28.563.new ‑ Separation of service; maintenance of record regarding reasons and circumstances; review by separating law enforcement officer; request for correction or removal of portion of record; submission of written statement by separating law enforcement officer.
     Section 28.565.new ‑ Reemployment of law enforcement officer; waiver allowing contact with former employing law enforcement agency; execution of waiver; immunity from civil liability.
Act 378 of 2004 ‑ PUBLIC BODY LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY ACT (28.581 - 28.590)
     Section 28.581 ‑ Short title.
     Section 28.582 ‑ Definitions.
     Section 28.583 ‑ Creation of law enforcement agency by public body.
     Section 28.584 ‑ Approval of prosecuting attorney and sheriff; public hearings.
     Section 28.585 ‑ Law enforcement agency oversight committee.
     Section 28.586 ‑ Law enforcement agency; requirement of public funding, liability insurance, and written policies; documentation; failure to maintain standards.
     Section 28.587 ‑ Maintenance of employment history records; compliance with Michigan commission on law enforcement standards act.
     Section 28.588 ‑ Passage of rules, regulations, and ordinances by multicounty metropolitan district; penalties; notice.
     Section 28.589 ‑ Jurisdiction of law enforcement agency.
     Section 28.590 ‑ Submission of monthly uniform crime reports.
     Section 28.601 ‑ Short title.
     Section 28.602 ‑ Definitions.
     Section 28.603 ‑ Michigan commission on law enforcement standards; creation; membership; terms; appointment; vacancy.
     Section 28.604 ‑ Repealed. 2016, Act 289, Eff. Jan. 2, 2017.
     Section 28.605 ‑ Commission; officers; terms; oath not required; disqualification from public office or employment.
     Section 28.606 ‑ Commission; meetings; procedures and requirements; conducting business at public meeting; notice; voting.
     Section 28.607 ‑ Commission; annual report to governor.
     Section 28.608 ‑ Commission members; compensation; expenses.
     Section 28.609 ‑ Employment of law enforcement officers; licensing requirements and procedures; fingerprinting; rules; licensure process; granting or denying license; duties of law enforcement agency upon administering oath of office; license rendered inactive; reactivation; lapsed or revoked license; prohibited authority.
     Section 28.609a ‑ Individuals elected or appointed to office of sheriff; licensure; procedures; duty of licensed individual to report certain information; validity of license; revocation.
     Section 28.609b ‑ Individuals employed as Michigan tribal law enforcement officers; fingerprinting; licensing requirements and procedures; rules; licensure process; granting or denying license; written instrument conferring authority; license rendered inactive; reactivation; lapsed or revoked license; prohibited authority.
     Section 28.609c ‑ Individuals employed as fire arson investigators; fingerprinting; licensing requirements and procedures; rules; licensure process; granting or denying license; duties of chief of police administering oath of office; report of certain information; lapsed or revoked license; prohibited authority.
     Section 28.609d ‑ Individuals employed as private college security officers; fingerprinting; licensing requirements and procedures; rules; licensure process; granting or denying license; duties of chief of police or county sheriff administering oath of office; duties of private college or university; report of certain information; lapsed or revoked license; prohibited authority.
     Section 28.610 ‑ Investigation of alleged violations.
     Section 28.611 ‑ Powers of commission; rules; fingerprints; criminal history record information check; law enforcement officers training fund.
     Section 28.612 ‑ Executive director; appointment; functions and duties; compensation.
     Section 28.613 ‑ Inquiry as to compliance with licensing standards; response.
     Section 28.614 ‑ Secondary road patrol and training fund; use; limitation; reimbursement.
     Section 28.615 ‑ Application for reimbursement; contents.
     Section 28.616 ‑ Repealed. 2016, Act 289, Eff. Jan. 2, 2017.
E.R.O. No. 2001‑2 ‑ EXECUTIVE REORGANIZATION ORDER (28.621 - 28.621)
     Section 28.621 ‑ Creation of new Michigan commission on law enforcement standards within department of state police as type I agency; transfer of powers and duties of Michigan justice training commission, Michigan justice training fund, and commission on law enforcement standards and law enforcement officers training fund to the new Michigan commission on law enforcement standards by type III transfer.
Act 46 of 2004 ‑ PUBLIC SAFETY OFFICERS BENEFIT ACT (28.631 - 28.638)
     Section 28.631 ‑ Short title.
     Section 28.632 ‑ Definitions.
     Section 28.633 ‑ Public safety officers benefit fund; creation; disposition and investment of funds; lapse; expenditures; rules.
     Section 28.634 ‑ Death or disability of public safety officer; benefit; amount; additional benefit.
     Section 28.634a ‑ Death of public safety officer as direct result of injury in line of duty; medical benefit coverage for surviving spouse and dependent children; requirements; "dependent child" defined.
     Section 28.635 ‑ Interim benefit.
     Section 28.636 ‑ Benefit payment; prohibitions.
     Section 28.637 ‑ Appropriation; amount.
     Section 28.638 ‑ Payment of benefits; condition.
***** Act 340 OF 1976 EXPIRED DECEMBER 31, 1982, PURSUANT TO § 28.656, AS AMENDED BY ACT 20 OF 1979. ON DECEMBER 31, 1982, § 28.656 WAS AMENDED BY ACT 494 OF 1982, EFFECTIVE MARCH 30, 1983. *****
     Section 28.651 ‑ Definitions.
     Section 28.652 ‑ Municipal fire service classification board; creation; appointment, qualifications, and terms of members; vacancy; election of chairperson; meetings; compensation and expenses; staff; quorum; passing on question, action, or business; conducting business at public meeting; notice; minutes; record; availability of writing to public; rules.
     Section 28.653 ‑ Duties of board.
     Section 28.654 ‑ Repealed. 1982, Act 494, Eff. Mar. 30, 1983.
     Section 28.655 ‑ Utilization of fire service classification system of insurer.
     Section 28.656 ‑ Fire service delivery system; review; grade; information; assistance to municipality; alteration of system; oath; fee schedule; method of assessment.
     Section 28.657 ‑ Application of rule; request for variation; hearing; decision.
Act 235 of 2016 ‑ PUBLIC THREAT ALERT SYSTEM ACT (28.671 - 28.674)
     Section 28.671 ‑ Short title.
     Section 28.672 ‑ "Public threat" defined.
     Section 28.673 ‑ Public threat alert system plan; establishment; maintenance; design; activation.
     Section 28.674 ‑ False report; violation as felony; penalty.
Act 167 of 2015 ‑ MICHIGAN BLUE ALERT ACT (28.691 - 28.697)
     Section 28.691 ‑ Short title.
     Section 28.693 ‑ "Law enforcement officer" defined.
     Section 28.695 ‑ Michigan blue alert plan; establishment and maintenance by department of state police; design.
     Section 28.697 ‑ Activation; conditions.
E.R.O. No. 1992‑8 ‑ EXECUTIVE REORGANIZATION ORDER (28.701 - 28.701)
     Section 28.701 ‑ Transfer of powers and duties of the tax fraud division of the department of treasury to the department of state police by type III transfer.
E.R.O. No. 1993‑15 ‑ EXECUTIVE REORGANIZATION ORDER (28.702 - 28.702)
     Section 28.702 ‑ Transfer of powers and duties of the Michigan emergency management advisory council to the department of state police by a type III transfer and abolishment of the Michigan emergency management advisory council.
     Section 28.711 ‑ Short title.
     Section 28.712 ‑ Definitions.
     Section 28.713 ‑ Missing senior or vulnerable adult; report.
     Section 28.714 ‑ Preparation of report.
     Section 28.715 ‑ Forwarding information.
     Section 28.716 ‑ Investigation.
     Section 28.717 ‑ Notification that missing senior or vulnerable adult is found.
     Section 28.718 ‑ Immunity from civil liability.
Act 295 of 1994 ‑ SEX OFFENDERS REGISTRATION ACT (28.721 - 28.736)
     295‑1994‑I ‑ I GENERAL (28.721...28.722)
          Section 28.721 ‑ Short title.
          Section 28.721a ‑ Legislative declarations; determination; intent.
          Section 28.722 ‑ Definitions.
     295‑1994‑II ‑ II SEX OFFENDER REGISTRATION (28.723... 28.732)
          Section 28.723 ‑ Individuals required to be registered.
          Section 28.723a ‑ Hearing to determine if individual exempt from registration.
          Section 28.724 ‑ Registration; procedures.
          Section 28.724a ‑ Status report to registering authority; requirements; reports; written documentation; exception.
          Section 28.725 ‑ Conditions requiring individual to report in person and provide notice to registering authority; release of incarcerated individual; notice; compliance.
          Section 28.725a ‑ Notice to registered individual; explanation of duties; reporting requirements.
          Section 28.725b ‑ Sex offenders registration fund; creation; disposition of money; use; lapse; claim of indigence; waiver of fee; payments.
          Section 28.725c ‑ Fee collected by department of corrections; prohibition.
          Section 28.726 ‑ Providing or forwarding copy of registration or notification.
          Section 28.727 ‑ Registration information; format; fee; requirements; forwarding registration, notice, and verification information to federal bureau of investigation, local agencies, and other registering jurisdictions.
          Section 28.728 ‑ Law enforcement database; information to be contained for each registered individual; public internet website; compilation; availability; removal; note.
          Section 28.728a ‑ Failure to register or update registration information; duties registering authority; duties of department.
          Section 28.728b ‑ Repealed. 2004, Act 240, Eff. Oct. 1, 2004.
          Section 28.728c ‑ Petition to discontinue registration; jurisdiction; limitations; oath; contents; false statement; filing copy with office of prosecuting attorney; notice; hearing; rights of victim; factors in court determination; granting of petition.
          Section 28.728d ‑ Providing copy of court order granting petition to department and individual.
          Section 28.729 ‑ Registration required; violations; penalties.
          Section 28.730 ‑ Confidentiality; exemption from disclosure; availability of information on public internet website; violation as misdemeanor; penalty; civil cause of action; applicability of subsections (4) and (5) to public internet website.
          Section 28.731, 28.732 ‑ Repealed. 2011, Act 18, Eff. July 1, 2011
     295‑1994‑III ‑ III STUDENT SAFETY ZONES (28.733...28.736)
          Section 28.733 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 28.734 ‑ Prohibited conduct; violation; penalty; exceptions; other violations; right to vote.
          Section 28.735 ‑ Registered individual residing in student safety zone; prohibited conduct; violation; penalties; exceptions.
          Section 28.736 ‑ Exemptions.
Act 712 of 2002 ‑ MICHIGAN AMBER ALERT ACT (28.751 - 28.755)
     Section 28.751 ‑ Short title.
     Section 28.752 ‑ Michigan Amber alert plan; establishment; design.
     Section 28.753 ‑ Activation.
     Section 28.754 ‑ False report of abducted or missing child; violation; penalty; order for payment of costs; definitions.
     Section 28.755 ‑ Michigan Amber alert fund.
Act 713 of 2002 ‑ CHILD ABDUCTION BROADCAST ACT (28.761 - 28.765)
     Section 28.761 ‑ Short title.
     Section 28.762 ‑ Child abduction; broadcast.
     Section 28.763 ‑ Information to be broadcast.
     Section 28.764 ‑ Radio and television stations to which information provided; method.
     Section 28.765 ‑ Liability; immunity.
     Section 28.781 ‑ Short title.
     Section 28.782 ‑ Definitions.
     Section 28.783 ‑ Michigan law enforcement officers memorial monument fund; creation as separate fund; disposition of money and interest accrued.
     Section 28.784 ‑ Michigan law enforcement officers memorial monument fund commission; membership; appointment; terms; vacancy; removal; meetings; business conducted at public meetings; availability of writings; reimbursement.
     Section 28.785 ‑ Solicitation and selection of design; inscription.
     Section 28.786 ‑ Grants or gifts; prohibited fund-raising activities.
     Section 28.787 ‑ Dissolution of commission; use of remaining funds.
Act 350 of 2016 ‑ IMPAIRED DRIVING SAFETY COMMISSION ACT (28.791 - 28.796)
***** This act is repealed on the date the commission's final report to the governor, the senate majority leader, and the speaker of the house of representatives required under section 4 is filed or 2 years after the effective date of this act, whichever occurs first. See MCL 28.796 *****
     Section 28.791 ‑ Short title.
     Section 28.792 ‑ Definitions.
     Section 28.793 ‑ Impaired driving safety commission; creation; research and recommendation; duration; final report; membership; qualifications; appointment; service until appointment of successor; first meeting; chairperson; reimbursement for necessary expenses; removal; quorum; procedures; public meeting; writings.
     Section 28.794 ‑ Duties of commission.
     Section 28.795 ‑ Impaired driving safety commission fund.
     Section 28.796 ‑ Repeal of act; condition.

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