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Michigan Legislature
Michigan Compiled Laws Complete Through PA 348 of 2018
House: Adjourned until Tuesday, November 27, 2018 1:30:00 PM
Senate: Adjourned until Tuesday, November 27, 2018 10:00:00 AM

Michigan Legislature

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Michigan Manual 2005-2006

CHAPTER III - The Legislative Branch pages 101-102
  The Legislative Branch - Introduction pages 103-104
  The Legislative Branch - Members, Organization, Procedures, Sessions pages 105-114
  The Legislative Branch - Senate Members page 115
  The Legislative Branch - Senate Committees pages 116-117
  The Legislative Branch - Senate Biographies page 118
  State Senator Jason Allen page 119
  State Senator Jim Barcia page 120
  State Senator Raymond E. Basham page 121
  State Senator Virg Bernero page 122
  State Senator Patricia L. Birkholz page 123
  State Senator Michael D. Bishop page 124
  State Senator Elizabeth S. Brater page 125
  State Senator Cameron S. Brown page 126
  State Senator Nancy Cassis page 127
  State Senator Deborah L. Cherry page 128
  State Senator Irma Clark-Coleman page 129
  State Senator Hansen Clarke page 130
  State Senator Alan L. Cropsey page 131
  State Senator Robert L. Emerson page 132
  State Senator Valde Garcia page 133
  State Senator Tom M. George page 134
  State Senator Jud Gilbert pages 135-145
  State Senator Michael J. Goschka page 136
  State Senator Beverly S. Hammerstrom page 137
  State Senator Bill Hardiman page 138
  State Senator Gilda Z. Jacobs page 139
  State Senator Ron Jelinek page 140
  State Senator Shirley Johnson page 141
  State Senator Wayne Kuipers page 142
  State Senator Burton Leland page 143
  State Senator Michelle A. McManus page 144
  State Senator Dennis Olshove page 145
  State Senator Bruce Patterson page 146
  State Senator Michael Prusi page 147
  State Senator Alan Sanborn page 148
  State Senator Mark Schauer page 149
  State Senator Martha G. Scott page 150
   State Senator Ken Sikkema page 151
  State Senator Tony Stamas page 152
  State Senator Michael Switalski page 153
  State Senator Samuel Buzz Thomas, III page 154
  State Senator Laura M. Toy page 155
  State Senator Gerald Van Woerkom page 156
  The Legislative Branch - House Members pages 157-158
  The Legislative Branch - House Committees pages 159-161
  The Legislative Branch - House Biographies page 162
  State Representative Frank Accavitti, Jr. page 163
  State Representative Daniel J. Acciavatti page 164
  State Representative Stephen Adamini page 165
  State Representative Fran Amos page 166
  State Representative Glenn S. Anderson page 167
  State Representative Kathy Angerer page 168
  State Representative Richard Ball page 169
  State Representative Rick Baxter page 170
  State Representative Doug Bennett page 171
  State Representative Steve Bieda page 172
  State Representative Darwin Booher page 173
  State Representative Jack Brandenburg page 174
  State Representative Rich Brown page 175
  State Representative Pam Byrnes page 176
  State Representative Dianne Byrum page 177
  State Representative Tom Casperson page 178
  State Representative Bruce Caswell page 179
  State Representative Bill Caul page 180
  State Representative Marsha Cheeks page 181
  State Representative Brenda Clack page 182
  State Representative Ed Clemente page 183
  State Representative Paul Condino page 184
  State Representative George Cushingberry, Jr. page 185
  State Representative Craig M. DeRoche page 186
  State Representative Andy Dillon page 187
  State Representative Marie Donigan page 188
  State Representative Leon Drolet page 189
  State Representative Kevin Elsenheimer page 190
  State Representative Judy Emmons page 191
  State Representative John Espinoza page 192
  State Representative David Farhat page 193
  State Representative Barbara A. Farrah page 194
  State Representative Edward J. Gaffney page 195
  State Representative John Garfield page 196
  State Representative Matthew Gillard page 197
  State Representative John J. Gleason page 198
  State Representative Lee Gonzales page 199
  State Representative Robert Gosselin page 200
  State Representative Kevin Green page 201
  State Representative Goeff Hansen page 202
  State Representative Dave Hildenbrand page 203
  State Representative Morris Hood, III page 204
  State Representative Jacob W. Hoogendyk, Jr. page 205
  State Representative Hoon-Yung Hopgood page 206
  State Representative Bill Huizenga page 207
  State Representative Scott Hummel page 208
  State Representative Joe Hune page 209
  State Representative Tupac A. Hunter page 210
  State Representative Rick Jones page 211
  State Representative Roger Kahn page 212
  State Representative Herb Kehrl page 213
  State Representative Chris Kolb page 214
  State Representative Jerry O. Kooiman page 215
  State Representative Philip J. LaJoy page 216
  State Representative David Law page 217
  State Representative Kathleen Law page 218
  State Representative Gabe Leland page 219
  State Representative LaMar Lemmons III page 220
  State Representative LaMar Lemmons Jr. page 221
  State Representative Alexander C. Lipsey page 222
  State Representative James Marleau page 223
  State Representative Jeff Mayes page 224
  State Representative Bill McConico page 225
  State Representative Gary McDowell page 226
  State Representative Andy Meisner page 227
  State Representative Tom Meyer page 228
  State Representative Fred Miller page 229
  State Representative John Moolenaar page 230
  State Representative Tim Moore page 231
  State Representative Leslie Mortimer page 232
  State Representative Michael C. Murphy page 233
  State Representative Gary A. Newell page 234
  State Representative Neal Nitz page 235
  State Representative Mike Nofs page 236
  State Representative Brian Palmer page 237
  State Representative David Palsrok page 238
   State Representative John R. Pastor page 239
  State Representative Phillip Pavlov page 240
  State Representative Tom Pearce page 241
  State Representative Clarence E. Phillips page 242
  State Representative Jim A. Plakas page 243
  State Representative Gino Polidori page 244
  State Representative John Proos page 245
  State Representative David B. Robertson page 246
  State Representative Tory Rocca page 247
  State Representative Michael G. Sak page 248
  State Representative Tonya Schuitmaker page 249
  State Representative Rick Shaffer page 250
  State Representative Fulton Sheen page 251
  State Representative Joel Sheltrown page 252
  State Representative Alma Wheeler Smith page 253
  State Representative Virgil Smith page 254
  State Representative Dudley Spade page 255
  State Representative John Stahl page 256
  State Representative John P. Stakoe page 257
  State Representative Glenn D. Steil, Jr. page 258
  State Representative John C. Stewart page 259
  State Representative Shelley Goodman Taub page 260
  State Representative Steve Tobocman page 261
  State Representative Aldo Vagnozzi page 262
  State Representative Barb Vander Veen page 263
  State Representative William Van Regenmorter page 264
  State Representative Howard Walker page 265
  State Representative Chris Ward page 266
  State Representative Mary D. Waters page 267
  State Representative Lorence Wenke page 268
  State Representative Gretchen Whitmer page 269
  State Representative Carl M. Williams page 270
  State Representative Lisa Wojno page 271
  State Representative Paula Zelenko page 272
  Legislative and Congressional Representation by County, 2005-2006 pages 273-278
  Legislative Officers and Agencies pages 279-287
  Territorial Legislatures, 1824-1835 pages 288-290
  Former State Legislatures, 1835-2004, Session Dates, Activity and Membership pages 291-294
  Former State Senators, 1995-2004 pages 295-296
  Former State Representatives, 1995-2004 pages 297-301
  Presidents Pro Tempore of the State Senate, and Secretaries of the State Senate, 1835-2005 pages 302-303
  Speakers of the House of Representatives, Speakers Pro Tempore of the House of Representatives, and Clerks of the House of Representatives, 1835-2005 pages 304-307
  Sources of Michigan Legislative History pages 308-312
  The Legislative Branch - Bibliography pages 313-314

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