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Act 236 of 1961
Chapter 31

Section 600.3101SectionJurisdiction of circuit court to foreclose mortgages of real estate and land contracts; exception.
Section 600.3105SectionMortgage; land contract; foreclosure proceeding; unsatisfied execution on judgment at law; separate proceeding; consolidation.
Section 600.3110SectionForeclosure of interest or installment; payment before judgment.
Section 600.3115SectionForeclosure proceeding; sale, time.
Section 600.3120SectionForeclosure proceeding; judgment of sale; payment of principal, interest, and costs.
Section 600.3125SectionSale of land on foreclosure; authorized persons; public sale; time; place; MCL 600.6091 applicable.
Section 600.3130SectionSale of land on foreclosure; deed.
Section 600.3135SectionProceeds of sale; application; disposition and investment of surplus.
Section 600.3140SectionMortgage foreclosure sale; redemption; amount stated in recorded affidavit; fee; portions of premises.
Section 600.3145SectionRedemption from sale; additional sums for taxes and insurance premiums.
Section 600.3150SectionOriginal judgment in foreclosure cases; determination of personal liability; execution for amount of deficiency; delivery of possession.
Section 600.3155SectionUpset price at sale.
Section 600.3160SectionPersons other than mortgagor or vendee securing debt.
Section 600.3165SectionSale of premises sufficient to satisfy amount due; judgment as security; default; sale of whole premises.
Section 600.3170SectionTrust mortgage property; authority of trustee to bid in at foreclosure for bondholders, effect of acquisition on rights of parties; management after acquisition; powers and duties of trustee; disposal; report; accounting; construction of section; supplementation by court rule.
Section 600.3175SectionDischarge of mortgage on real property, land contract or tax lien; action; evidence of payment; lapse of 15 years; judgment.
Section 600.3180SectionActions equitable in nature.
Section 600.3185SectionMortgage foreclosure; defendant as service member or deployed in overseas service; actions by court; mortgage and land contract entered into before effective date of act; definitions.
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