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Act 206 of 1893

Section 211.28SectionBoard of review for township or city; appointment, qualifications, and terms of members; vacancy; eligibility; quorum; adjournment; deciding questions; board of review committees; meetings; size, composition, and manner of appointment of board of review; alternate members; indorsement of assessment roll; duties and responsibilities contained in MCL 211.29; single board of review.
Section 211.29SectionBoard of review of township; meeting; submission, examination, and review of assessment roll; additions to roll; correction of errors; compliance with act; review of roll on tax day; prohibitions; entering valuations in separate columns; approval and adoption of roll; conducting business at public meeting; notice of meeting; notice of change in roll.
Section 211.30SectionBoard of review; meetings; alternative dates; sessions; request, protest, or application for correction of assessment; hearing; examination of persons under oath; filing by nonresident taxpayer; notice; filing, hearing, and determination of objection; right of appeal; approval or disapproval of personal property exemption; indorsement and signed statement; delivery of assessment roll; ordinance or resolution authorizing filing of protest by letter; notice of option.
Section 211.30aSectionTownship board of review; completion of review, date.
Section 211.30bSectionRevision of personal property assessments in 1965.
Section 211.30cSectionReduced amount as basis for calculating assessed value or taxable value in succeeding year; applicability of section.
Section 211.31SectionTownship board of review; completed roll valid; conclusive presumption.
Section 211.32SectionTownship board of review; quorum; conscription of absent members; second meeting alternative.
Section 211.33SectionSecretary of board of review; record; filing; form.
Section 211.33aSectionCollection and levy of taxes for 2020 tax year; modifications.
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