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Section 432.141

Act 382 of 1972

432.141 Millionaire party licensee; requirements; prohibited conduct; individual less than 18 years old; alcoholic beverages; limitation on exchange for imitation money or chips; conduct of charity game or numeral game.

Sec. 41.

  (1) A millionaire party licensee shall ensure that an event conducted under the license is conducted in compliance with this act and the rules promulgated under this act.
  (2) A millionaire party licensee shall post the license so that it is conspicuously visible at the location where the event is being conducted at all times during the event.
  (3) A millionaire party licensee shall not conduct gaming under the license anywhere outside of the demarcated area approved by the executive director.
  (4) A millionaire party licensee shall ensure that access to the demarcated area is controlled.
  (5) A millionaire party licensee shall not allow an individual who is less than 18 years old to enter the demarcated area when gaming is being conducted there.
  (6) If alcoholic beverages are served at an event, an individual in the demarcated area who is 18 years old or older but less than 21 years old must be identified by wearing a mark indicating that a member or agent of the millionaire party licensee has verified the individual's age and identification.
  (7) A millionaire party licensee shall not receive more than $20,000.00 in exchange for imitation money or chips on any day under the license. However, if the licensee conducts the millionaire party without using dealers from a supplier and owns the location at which the millionaire party is held and if the license is for fewer than 4 days of gaming, the daily limit under this subsection is determined by dividing $80,000.00 by the number of days of gaming allowed under the license.
  (8) A millionaire party licensee may conduct a charity game as provided in section 7b and may conduct a numeral game as provided in section 7c. If a millionaire party licensee conducts a charity game or a numeral game, the executive director has sole enforcement and supervision authority over the conduct of the game.

History: Add. 2019, Act 159, Imd. Eff. Dec. 20, 2019
Popular Name: Bingo Act

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