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Revised Statutes of 1846 (EXCERPT)
R.S. of 1846
Chapter 83
Chapter 83. Of marriage and the solemnization thereof.

Section 551.1SectionMarriage between individuals of same sex as invalid contract.
Section 551.2SectionMarriage as civil contract; consent; license; solemnization.
Section 551.3SectionIncapacity; persons man prohibited from marrying.
Section 551.4SectionIncapacity; persons woman prohibited from marrying.
Section 551.5SectionBigamy prohibited.
Section 551.6SectionRepealed. 2001, Act 9, Imd. Eff. May 29, 2001.
Section 551.7SectionPersons authorized to solemnize marriage; records; return of licenses and certificates; disposition of fees charged by mayor or county clerk.
Section 551.8SectionRepealed. 1983, Act 64, Imd. Eff. May 26, 1983.
Section 551.9SectionSolemnization of marriage; form; declaration by parties; witnesses.
Section 551.14SectionUnlawful marriage by person authorized to solemnize marriage; penalty.
Section 551.15SectionCeremony performance with knowledge of lack of authority or legal impediment; penalty.
Section 551.16SectionWant of jurisdiction or authority to solemnize marriage; affect on marriage.
Section 551.17SectionDenominational modes of solemnization; effect of chapter.
Section 551.18SectionCertificates and records of marriage as evidence.
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