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Act 284 of 1972
Chapter 7

Section 450.1701SectionMerger of domestic corporations; adoption and contents of plan of merger.
Section 450.1702SectionPlan of share exchange; approval; contents; power of corporation not limited.
Section 450.1703SectionRepealed. 1989, Act 121, Eff. Oct. 1, 1989.
Section 450.1703aSectionPlan of merger or share exchange; approval.
Section 450.1704SectionRepealed. 1989, Act 121, Eff. Oct. 1, 1989.
Section 450.1706SectionMerger with domestic or foreign corporation; execution of certificate by incorporators; compliance.
Section 450.1707SectionCertificate of merger or share exchange.
Section 450.1711SectionMerger of parent and subsidiary corporations; approval; mailing copy or summary of plan of merger to minority shareholders; waiver; compliance; effectuation of merger under other provisions.
Section 450.1712SectionMerger of parent and subsidiary corporations; certificate of merger.
Section 450.1713SectionMerger of parent and subsidiary corporations; approval of shareholders.
Section 450.1721-450.1723SectionRepealed. 1989, Act 121, Eff. Oct. 1, 1989.
Section 450.1724SectionMerger; applicable provisions; share exchange.
Section 450.1731-450.1734SectionRepealed. 1989, Act 121, Eff. Oct. 1, 1989.
Section 450.1735SectionForeign corporations and domestic corporations; merger or share exchange; compliance; liability; power of foreign corporation not limited.
Section 450.1736SectionMerger of domestic corporation with business organization.
Section 450.1741SectionAbandonment of merger or share exchange.
Section 450.1745SectionConversion of domestic corporation into business organization; requirements; "business organization" and "entity" defined.
Section 450.1746SectionConversion of business organization into domestic corporation; requirements.
Section 450.1751SectionDisposition of corporate property and assets; approval by shareholders.
Section 450.1753SectionDisposition of corporate property and assets not in usual and regular course of business; recommendation and submission of transaction; notice; authorization; abandonment; disposition by second corporation; transaction as distribution.
Section 450.1754SectionRights of shareholders.
Section 450.1761SectionDefinitions.
Section 450.1762SectionRight of shareholder to dissent and obtain payment for shares.
Section 450.1763SectionRights of partial dissenter; assertion of dissenters' rights by beneficial shareholder.
Section 450.1764SectionCorporate action creating dissenters' rights; vote of shareholders; notice.
Section 450.1765SectionNotice of intent to demand payment for shares.
Section 450.1766SectionDissenters' notice; delivery to shareholders; contents.
Section 450.1767SectionDuties of shareholder sent dissenter's notice; retention of rights; failure to demand payment or deposit share certificates.
Section 450.1768SectionRestriction on transfer of shares without certificates; retention of rights.
Section 450.1768aSectionRepealed. 1989, Act 121, Eff. Oct. 1, 1989.
Section 450.1769SectionPayment by corporation to dissenter; accompanying documents.
Section 450.1770SectionReturn of deposited certificates and release of transfer restrictions; effect of corporation taking proposed action.
Section 450.1771SectionElection to withhold payment from dissenter; offer to pay estimated fair value of shares, plus accrued interest; statements; explanation.
Section 450.1772SectionDemand for payment of dissenter's estimate or rejection of corporation's offer and demand for payment of fair value and interest due; waiver.
Section 450.1773SectionPetitioning court to determine fair value of shares and accrued interest; failure of corporation to commence proceeding; venue; parties; service; jurisdiction; appraisers; discovery rights; judgment.
Section 450.1773aSectionReferee; appointment; powers; compensation; duties; objections to report; application to court for action; adoption, modification, or recommitment of report; further evidence; judgment; review.
Section 450.1774SectionCosts of appraisal proceeding.
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