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Act 175 of 1927
Chapter VIIA

Section 767A.1Section“Prosecuting attorney” defined.
Section 767A.2SectionInvestigative subpoenas; petition for authorization; contents; filing; application for immunity; confidentiality of application; exemption from disclosure.
Section 767A.3SectionInvestigative subpoenas; issuance; circumstances; contents and scope of order; additional subpoenas; supplemental petitions; filing.
Section 767A.4SectionInvestigative subpoenas; contents; service of process.
Section 767A.5SectionAppearance before prosecuting attorney; administration of oaths and affirmations; right to legal counsel; testimony with respect to records, documents or physical evidence; informing person of rights against self-incrimination; furnishing copy of testimony to defendant; effect of failure to provide copy of testimony; furnishing copy of testimony after direct examination of witness.
Section 767A.6SectionMotion to order compliance with subpoena; filing; notice; hearing; court order; order violating statutory privilege or constitutional right prohibited; further protections; disclosure by reporter of informant or related information; circumstances.
Section 767A.7SectionOrder granting immunity.
Section 767A.8SectionConfidentiality of certain material and information.
Section 767A.9SectionKnowingly making false statement as perjury; penalty; neglect or refusal to comply with subpoena as contempt; determination that witness has purged himself or herself of contempt; commutation of sentence.
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