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Michigan Compiled Laws Complete Through PA 428 and includes 430-457 of 2018
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Please note: PA numbers 632 through 690 were updated on January 4th.

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Act 368 of 1978
Part 124

Section 333.12401SectionDefinitions and principles of construction.
Section 333.12411SectionLicense for operation of agricultural labor camp required; posting license or license placard; notice of construction, enlargement, or conversion; violation; fine.
Section 333.12412SectionLicense for operation of agricultural labor camp; form; fee; contents; time of application.
Section 333.12413SectionLicense for operation of agricultural labor camp; issuance; duration; recital on face of license; transferability or assignability.
Section 333.12414SectionTemporary license; renewal application.
Section 333.12415SectionDenial of application for license; notice; hearing.
Section 333.12416SectionSuspension or revocation of license; grounds; notice; hearing; appeal.
Section 333.12421SectionRules.
Section 333.12425SectionEnforcement; inspection and investigation of premises; assistance; payments to local health departments.
Section 333.12426SectionAction for injunction or other process.
Section 333.12431SectionMigratory labor housing fund; creation; appropriation; deposit; investment; interest and earnings; administration for auditing purposes; use of funds; money in fund.
Section 333.12432SectionFiling claim for grant; approval; priority list.
Section 333.12433SectionPowers of department.
Section 333.12434SectionViolation as misdemeanor; each day of violation as separate violation; wilful damage or destruction of camp.
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