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Act 185 of 1957
Chapter 1

Section 123.731SectionDefinitions.
Section 123.732SectionEstablishment and control of department of public works; exception; board of public works; appointment, qualifications, terms, and removal of members; designation or removal as board; authority, powers, and duties of designee; board as agency of county; rules; compensation; status of department of public works in county organized under MCL 45.501 to 45.521; authority, powers, and duties of county executive or chief county administrative officer; authority and powers of county board of commissioners.
Section 123.733SectionBoard of public works; officers.
Section 123.734SectionBoard of public works; action by motion or resolution; record of proceedings; signature; availability of record or other writings to public; quorum; regular meetings; notice of special meeting; waiver of notice; conducting business at public meeting; public notice of meeting or hearing.
Section 123.735SectionExpenses and expenditures of board of public works.
Section 123.736SectionBoard of public works; director; project costs; civil service.
Section 123.737SectionPowers of county; administration by board of public works.
Section 123.738SectionAcquiring systems or making lake improvements outside corporate limits.
Section 123.739SectionWater supply and sewage disposal or refuse systems; service to municipalities and individual users.
Section 123.740SectionCounty water supply, sewage disposal or refuse system, lake improvements, or erosion control system; approval; plans and specifications; merger or combination of systems; resolution; contract.
Section 123.741SectionMethods of financing systems or improvements.
Section 123.742SectionContracts authorized; methods of paying contractual obligations; special assessments; exercise of powers; validation of contracts.
Section 123.743SectionProject special assessment district; municipal special assessments.
Section 123.744SectionMethods of acquiring property; disposition of real property; condemnation procedure; use continued without resolution or contract.
Section 123.744aSectionValidation of certain bonds or notes; contest prohibited.
Section 123.745SectionWater supply or sewage disposal or refuse systems; municipality service contract with county; county contracts.
Section 123.746SectionWater supply or sewage disposal or refuse systems; project costs.
Section 123.747SectionFailure to pay amounts required under contract or assessment; notice; deduction; other remedies for reimbursement; tax levy.
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